Things We Like: Sleep and All Things Sleep-Related

Post by Mark T. Locker.

We spend a lot of time (well, almost ALL of our time) here on the bed blog talking about how to sleep comfortably, how to beautify where we sleep and how best to make the falling asleep and the waking up as pleasant as possible. But what about sleep itself? That’s what all of this revolves around, after all. Well, I have decided to troll the depths of the Internet to find some fascinating factoids about that most-beloved pastime, sleep.

Ducks sleep with one eye open.

It’s true! Needless to say, being a duck can be hazardous to one’s sleep. In order to avoid being eaten by crocodiles, coyotes or owls looking for a midnight snack, ducks keep one eye open. What’s even better is that if they are dozing in a row, the middle ones close both eyes. Fun!

The Weird Truth About Light on Knees

Apparently, if you shine a bright light on the back of your knees, it can reset your internal clock. I don’t know what kind of scientist decided to try the old light-on-the-back-of-your-knees trick, and I’m not totally sure what this means or what purpose it may serve, but it’s good to know!

Dolphins Sleep One Half at a Time

Not unlike the duck, dolphins are susceptible to predators when sleeping. They also need to be conscious to breathe. So their fantastic way of dealing with this is to sleep half a brain at time. Imagine how much we could accomplish if we could do that! I’m pretty sure my brain is only half-awake most of the time anyways!

For Further Reading

There is a great episode of Radiolab about sleep. It’s full of very interesting stuff:

Nova on PBS also had something on sleep:

The Internet seems to have a few resources as well. Some of my facts I got from this site:

Happy Sleeping!

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