Bedroom Design: The British are Coming! The British are Coming!

Post by Laura Cheng.

There is no denying England’s influence in my life. I have BBC news set as my Internet home page. I especially enjoyed my touristy tea experience at the Plaza’s Palm Court. I attended a local viewing party when Kate Middleton married Prince William. And now, I am partial to the eccentricity of decorating with British symbols, namely the Union Jack flag.

Designer, Betsy Burnham certainly knows ‘Jack’. She designed her teenage son, Will, and daughter, Carson’s bedroom using the flag as a focal point throughout the room. I am inspired by the way she easily transfers the unisex icon from room to room. In Will’s room, the Union Jack makes a royal appearance in the form of a custom “Big British Flag Lamp” from Burnham Design. The oversized lamp stands on a mercury glass base and is topped with a custom made 100% cotton stitched shade. Bold and strapping, the lamp is like a masculine and playful statue. At a miniature level, I can imagine Monopoly adopting it as a game piece.


More eye candy prevails in the bedroom in the form of a Union Jack painted dresser. The one of a kind dresser was autographed by Amanda Bynes while she was on a People magazine shoot that took place outside Burnham’s Los Angeles home. Glossy and elegantly manicured, it serves a functional and flirty addition to the bedroom.


To fully appreciate the British paraphernalia you have to see it interact with the rest of the bedroom. The vivid colors of the flag add warmth and the perfect dosage of taste and humor to the bedroom.


Union Jack can also be worked into the bedroom using non-traditional colors. An alternative to the red, white, and blue version is this lovely pink and orange one by designed by Sheridan French. She hand painted the dresser herself and forewarns anyone attempting to do the same that it was no easy feat: “About 3 minutes into the taping I wanted to throw myself in front of a bus”. The results are none the less spectacular and although her experience is enough to keep me from undertaking it on my own, it doesn’t mean I won’t try to outsource it to a local art student.


For Anglophiles who are color phobic, the flag can also be incorporated in neutral beiges and whites. A vintage styled bedroom uses only a three color palette, but still remains chic with a Union Jack headboard and throw pillow. It’s a bedroom that any Brit would be happy to call home.


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