Powercore Estate™ Latex Mattresses
Better sleep, natural comfort and healthy support. Progressive layers of pure Talalay Latex combined with our exclusive Powercore™ Mattress Unit sense individual body contours and provide targeted levels of support for instant pressure response. Enjoy the energy boosting benefits of a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Instant comfort response and natural comfort of pure latex make this the best latex mattress on the market today.
  • Plush yet supportive feel provides firm comfort with excellent pressure point relief
  • Pure, American made Talalay latex is naturally cool, durable and sustainably produced
  • Maintains a consistent body temperature throughout the night to enable a deeper sleep
  • Great choice for partners with large weight differentials with individual response for each sleeper
  • Powercore™ provides enhanced sensitivity and instant response to body pressure where needed
  • Made to order in our local New Jersey factory (more about powercore™)

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