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Show Us Some Love

“Show Us Some Love”

January 14th – February 14th

This Valentine’s Day, we want to give you a gift.
A BRAND NEW BED. Just show us some love.

We LOVE beds.  A bed says so much about a person or a couple or a family; and your bedroom shows your personality. Are you messy or neat?  Do you have a classic or contemporary sense of style?  Does your pet share the bed with you?  Do you watch movies or eat in bed?  It is an important part of your daily life.

For the month leading up to Valentine’s Day, we invite you to let us know why you love your bed. Charles P. Rogers is leaving the question open ended – but please keep it clean – letting you show us your idea of Valentine’s Day as it relates to our favorite room in the house.  Send us a video of your husband playing “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” with your kids, a picture of you and your new beau deciding who gets whose side of the bed, or a sonnet to your bed celebrating the goodnight’s sleep you get on your mattress.  Whether you read yourself to sleep or stay up late talking about your day to your long distance love on the phone, we want to see an example of how your bed is an important part of your Valentine’s Day.

We’ll post select submissions on our web site during the month and on Valentine’s Day the CPR judges will choose a winner  based on creativity, execution and exhibition of the “Show Us Some Love” theme.  That lucky winner will select his or her choice of one of our three QUEEN beds, Newhouse, Newfield, or Barcelona, for free, shipped to you anywhere in the US for you to enjoy.  It’s open to everyone so please send us your example now.