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Save on Wood Beds
Reg $3,099 to $3,999
Now from  $1,919.20
Reg $1,999 to $2,999
Now from  $1,039.20
Reg $1,359 to $1,799
Now from  $809.10
Reg $3,199 to $4,999
Now from  $1,919.20
Reg $1,059 to $2,198
Now from  $503.10
Reg $1,959 to $2,499
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Reg $899 to $2,247
Now from  $449.10
Reg $2,799 to $3,899
Now from  $1,599.20
Reg $1,399 to $4,699
Now from  $809.10
Reg $959 to $2,247
Now from  $503.10
Reg $1,959 to $3,099
Now from  $1,183.20
Reg $1,799 to $2,349
Now from  $1,039.20
Reg $1,759 to $2,099
Now from  $863.10
Reg $1,999 to $3,549
Now from  $1,279.20
Reg $2,699 to $3,349
Now from  $1,759.20
Reg $2,999 to $3,649
Now from  $2,079.20
Reg $1,999 to $2,499
Now from  $1,199.20
Reg $1,999 to $2,299
Now from  $1,119.20
Reg $1,999 to $2,499
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Reg $1,699 to $3,306
Now from  $989.10

Wood Beds

Each of our solid wood beds are crafted by hand, one at a time. Whether a sleigh bed, daybed or platform bed, they are carefully proportioned, designs and start with the finest hand selected plantation grown Mahogany. Our hardwood is chosen for grain, color and size; then slowly kiln dried to insure optimal beauty and strength. We design our wood beds to be beautiful, sturdy and unique. Unlike production furniture, as a small company, we can invest the time needed to make your wood bed detailed, sophisticated and truly inviting. We use sharp hand tools and traditional joinery; each wood bed is assembled and hand sanded. Our finishes are artfully applied in layers for a warm and authentic feel and each of our wood beds will provide beauty, comfort and durability for a lifetime of use. [ read more ]
Wood Sleigh Beds
Our experienced craftsmen make each wood sleigh bed individually. This process allows us to focus on wood selection, hand work and precise detailing; an approach impossible for large production run furniture companies. After milling,milling, we use sharp hand tools, precise patterns,pattern and traditional joinery,joinery to give our sleigh beds an authentic charm that makes our sleigh beds a tremendous value. Many of our sleigh beds are made to order; some stocking sleigh beds are made in small batches to the same high standards. All of our sleigh bed veneer,veneer work is also done in the traditional manner; carefully chosen, thickly sliced and applied balanced on the substrate. We use your choice of top quality veneers such as Flame Mahogany,mahogany or figured Makore,figured makore to compliment the solid Mahogany construction. Our sleigh beds are carefully proportioned,proportion for use with today's thicker bedding sets. We offer both classic European sleigh bed styles and larger scaled American sleigh bed designs. We offer all sizes including California,california king and standard king size sleigh beds. All our beds have substantial, solid hardwood side rails,rail and an intregal steel perimeter frame to provide years of proper support and service.
Modern Wood Platform Beds
Our solid wood platform beds,platform bed have a design sensibility that respects the variation and warmth of the natural wood grain,grain and strength. Our finishing process enhances this natural beauty; we hand sand,sanding, then artfully glaze,glazing our wood platform beds and top coat for durability. The wood is protected, yet retains a smooth, silky finish and feel. All of our wood platform bed styles are suitably designed to use a mattress only. Assembly is straightforward and our platform beds provide an attractive sturdy base and sleeping surface.
Wood Daybeds
Our wood daybeds,daybed offer both sophisticated styling and unique useability. Built with the same fine materials, craftsmenship and attention to detail, our wood daybeds are available with an optional trundle pop up unit,trundle unit which allows another mattress to store under the daybed until needed. They are sophisticated enough to use in a living room or office and comfortable and charming enough to use in a guest room.
Wood Bed Linens
Our 400 thread count sheets sets and duvet covers & shams are the perfect solution to dressing your wood bed from Charles P. Rogers. Our bedding ensembles are specially priced packages that are an easy solution that give you a complete look whether you like solid colors, stripes, embroidered or floral patterns. We offer both 100% cotton bedding and 100% European linen bedding that is machine washable and extremely durable and soft. [ collapse ]

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