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Antique brass finish  -  Our brass finishes are a conversion process which naturally alters and antiques the surface of the brass, imparting a depth and character not achievable through any other method such as paint or other surface coatings.
Antique finish  -  A furniture finish that is distressed and stained to simulate the aged patina of an antique. Techniques include gentle marring of the surface, chemical processes and glazing or shading during finishing.
Applied coating  -  A layer of a substance spread over a surface for protection or decoration; a covering layer. Paint, epoxy, varnish, and plastic powder coatings are referred to as applied coatings. Different from surface conversion which actually alter the surface being finished. (see Antique Brass Finish in glossary)
Art Deco  -  Architectural and home furnishings style popular in the 1920's and 1930's that is characterized by streamlined silhouettes and "modern" materials, such as plastic, glass, chrome and leather.
Artisan  -  An experienced person skilled in a specialized trade, applied art or craft. A crafts person generally recognized after an extended apprenticeship.
Automatic lathes  -  Machine tool which use automatically controlled tooling to turn finials, posts and other decorative items following a pattern. Usually are generalized in nature and not as attractive as hand turned objects.
Baseball stitching  -  A double row of stitching which runs along both sides of a seam. It is used for a decorative effect but also strengthens the seam. Thread can be contrasting or coordinating color available in a variety of patterns.
Bauhaus  -  Early to mid-20th century German school of art and design that emphasized the concept that "form follows function." Furnishings in this style are marked by clean, simple, lines that are often hard-edged.
Bed rails  -  Parallel planks of wood, wood products, steel or iron used to join a head board and foot board on a bed. Forms the support for slats or deck to hold the box spring and/or mattress.
Bed skirt  -  A fabric or leather construction which hangs over the bed rails to cover the feet and open space between bed and the floor. Also know as dust ruffle as it prevent dust from accumulating under a bed.
Bell top canopy  -  A classic bell shaped construction on top of a canopy bed which forms a dome over the bed. May be covered with fabric or left bare. Our bell top is hand forged of solid iron bar and is designed for ease of assembly.
Biased  -  A term to describe a woven fabric which has an oblique or diagonal line of direction.
Blacksmith  -  A skilled crafts person who forges objects of iron using cold or hot forging processes. Blacksmith's use a variety of techniques such as hammering, bending and joinery; specialized jigs and different types of raw iron to make utilitarian and, depending on the skill of the smith, beautiful objects.
Bolster  -  A long cylindrical or rectangular cushion of varying length often used on beds, sofas or chaise lounges for reclining and decoration. Usually made from foam or feathers.
Book match veneer  -  Veneer layout which creates a pleasing matching design. Pairs of adjacent slices of veneer, as they are cut from the log, are opened up like the pages of a book, producing a mirror image of the grain pattern.
Bookcase bed  -  Bed which has space for holding books or other items. Generally found in the headboard, occasionally on footboard or sides.
Bow foot  -  Elegant bed design element in which the footboard has an outward bowing arc from post to post. Most often seen on metal beds but can be achieved in wood.
Box pleat skirt  -  An upholstery skirt with alternating high/low folds of fabric that creates a dentil pattern.
Bracket  -  Wood or metal block, rod or other shaped construction used to join or strengthen a corner. May be decorative and visible or hidden and purely structural.
Bracket foot  -  A low, right angle foot, usually constructed with a mitered corner. Commonly wood or iron. May be plain, molded, scrolled or carved. Common on Hepplewhite and Sheraton. Also known as a console leg.
Brass  -  Brass is any alloy of copper and zinc. The proportions of zinc and copper can be altered to create a range of brasses, each of which has unique properties suited to a particular environment and aesthetic use. (see "cartridge brass" in the glossary for the alloy used on our beds )
Brass castings  -  Molten brass which has solidified after molding to desired decorative shape or design. Substantially heavier than cheaper casting materials.
Brass finish  -  Our traditional high quality brass finishes consist of three basic processes. Natural brass is cleaned and lightly polished to remove any tiny imperfections and sealed with a low sheen lacquer. Polishing creates a bright high gloss finish using lacquer and polishing compounds. The third is antique brass, created by converting the surface of the brass with natural processes leaving a rich darkened patina.
Brass tubing  -  Hollow, pure brass tubes available in various gauges and diameters used for making our beds. Can be bent to create arcs and curves. Should not be confused with inferior imitations such as pot metal, painted tubing or tubing covered with a thin layer of pure brass which will wear through with use.
Button tufting  -  Upholstery treatment in which buttons (usually fabric or leather covered) are sewn through the surface and tied down to create a tailored, sometimes undulating, surface.
California king  -  A mattress size that measures 74"w x 86"l. This style of mattress was first popularized on the West coast of the United States but its use has spread. The additional size comes in the length creating a rectangular shape rather than the square shape of a standard king (Eastern King)
Canopy  -  Variously shaped construction joining tall corner posts on a bed. Often covered or draped in fabric and made from both metal and wood.
Canopy bed  -  Traditionally, a bed with a fabric roof over it. Originally a symbol of rank and privilege, today the canopy may be a wrought iron or a wood frame with stretchers between the posters, with or without the fabric draperies.
Canted  -  Sloping at an angle.
Cartridge brass  -  Cartridge brass is an attractive 30% zinc brass alloy with good cold working properties and excellent patination qualities.
Castings  -  Simple or decorative components produced by the process of pouring molten metals such as brass or iron into molds. Generally joins framework members and plays a definitive role in strength and overall decorative design.
Chaise  -  A chaise longue (French "long chair") is an upholstered divan in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support the legs. It is often also called "chaise lounge" in North America, particularly in the furniture industry. Also referred to as a settee.
Channel back  -  An upholstered cushion back having deep vertical grooves which can run horizontal or vertically which uses a specific upholstery technique.
Checking  -  The appearance of wide cracks or splits in wood due to expansion and contraction of the wood with changes in humidity. A natural occurrence when solid wood is exposed to large changes in temperature and humidity. Proper kiln drying can eliminate most but not all checking. (see kiln-dry in glossary)
Cherry  -  Deciduous tree grown in many hardwood forests in the U.S. Due to its excellent strength, color and ease of working and beautiful finishing properties, Cherry is considered a superior tight grain lumber for use in fine furniture and cabinetry.
Chesterfield  -  Upholstery style with overstuffed button tufting and upholstered ends. Traditionally has no exposed wood. Back and arms on a sofa are usually one continuous curve.
Colonial  -  In America, this style dominated from the earliest settlements to the Revolution of 1776. Here as elsewhere, it represents styles that are rooted in mother countries but adapted to the materials and uses of the colonies, primarily Africa, India, the Americas, and the Caribbean.
Contrasting welts  -  Welts that are either a different color or material than main upholstery material (See "welts" in glossary).
Corner block  -  Reinforcing blocks of wood bolted, screwed and/or glued to the interior corners of furniture for increased strength and stability.
Corner bracket  -  Wood or metal block, rod or other shape used to join or strengthen a corner. May be decorative and visible or hidden and purely structural.
Cotton  -  Cotton is a soft fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium sp.), a shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world, including the Americas, India, and Africa. The fiber is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile, which is the most widely used natural-fiber cloth.
Cowhide  -  Hide of a cow specifically used to make leather. Grades and sizes are based on geography and tanning treatment. Other source of hides include buffalo, goat and pig.
Crest rail  -  The top horizontal piece which runs across a head or footboard. Can be made wood or metal and usually has a decorative shape or design.
Curved panel  -  A laminated curved construction method used for large panels. Appropriate manufacture provides resistance to changes in moisture and humidity which would damage solid wood and provides a suitable method for using rare and beautiful veneers which would otherwise be too brittle and unstable for use as a solid wood construction. A stable substrate such MDF is used; the veneer is applied to both front and back for a balanced, stable panel. It is laminated in a mold with a hot or cold press until the glue is dry and the panel is the desired shape.
Cushion  -  Foam, fiber, feather or combination contruction shaped and covered for providing comfort in seating or reclining.

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