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As always, our master bed makers, warehouse, and support teams are still on the payroll, ready to provide safe, reliable service.

We've been making beds and mattresses in New York since 1855.
Over that long history, we've been through good times and bad.
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Adjusting to Your New Bed

You spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress. So it can take time to adjust to an entirely new sleeping environment. It's akin to breaking in new shoes- you get used to the mattress, as the mattress comforms to your unique shape.

That's why we have the required 30 day adjustment period, because many customers report their initial discomfort goes away after the first 30 nights.

Explore our tips below on common issues to new mattress owners.

Sleeps too warm?

Rogers mattresses are made using latex, the most naturally cool padding material available. They are also designed to have good airflow to wick away heat. There are some other likely causes for heat while you sleep:

  • PJ's and bedding- Natural fabrics like cotton or linen in your sheets, duvet, and pajamas will enable more airflow and cooling. An excessive amount of bedding can also cause overheating.
  • Be sure your room has adequate airflow and proper ventilation. A room that traps heat can make a mattress feel like it is overly warm.
  • Be sure your thermostat is set to between 60-67 degrees as recommended by the Mayo Clinic. It may be cooler than you are used to, but it is great for sleeping.

Too firm?

Mattresses have an adaptation period. Sleeping on a mattress with the proper support can feel too firm initially, especially if you've been sleeping on an old mattress. Usually within 30 day your body will adjust and you'll begin sleeping better than ever. Don't give up too soon.

  • Make sure you have proper pillows that support your neck being straight. Often the pillow is the reason for discomfort that will begin in your neck but appears to come from other areas.
  • Give it some time. Mattresses will lose some firmness in a relatively quick time. You can also walk on your mattress to help speed up the softening.
  • Physical limitations. Be aware that no mattress can cure an existing physical issue entirely. While proper support can help alleviate some of the physical symptoms, it functions best to prevent existing symptoms from worsening.
  • If 30 days has passed and it is still too firm, consider adding a topper with a softer foam.

Too soft?

  • Be sure your mattress has proper support underneath it. It should be firm and flat. If on slats the spacing should be under 2" in distance.
  • Give your body time to adjust to the feel. If you have been sleeping unsuccessfully on a firmer mattress, your body will need to adjust to the new levels of support.
  • A mattress can never be expected to fully overcome existing physical conditions entirely. If you suffer from certain conditions, even proper support will not cure those conditions.

Odor Issues?

We do not use any toxic materials in crafting your mattress. There may, however, be a mild new "car" smell after removing the packaging, but this will dissipate quickly. It is not off-gassing or harmful.

  • Make sure you have proper ventilation and a cross breeze to get rid of any mild odors quickly.

Doesn’t fully expand or has wrinkles?

It is entirely normal for an unboxed mattress to have folds, creases, or wrinkles due to the packaging and will fade over time. These do not affect the comfort or usability of the mattress.

  • You can use your hand to fluff the surface, helping to break up and loosen the wrinkles. Don't be afraid to smooth them out!

Our mattresses are designed to reach original height in about 24 hours. But don't worry, you can use the mattress as soon as it is set up and it will not affect the usability or

Body impressions?

It's entirely normal for comfort padding to compress over time, especially if you sleep in a single position. The latex foams we use are the most durable in the industry. Slight body impressions will not affect the comfort of the mattress.

  • Rotate your mattress on a regular schedule to minimize body impressions. We suggest monthly

The Connection Between Pain and Sleep