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UPDATE 7/2/2020: All of our showrooms are now open! You can find hours and directions here.

You can also live chat on our website or call to ask questions 9am to 9pm seven days a week at 1-800-582-6229.

The Covid-19 situation is still evolving. No matter the change, our first priority will always be the health and well being of our customers, staff, and partners. We are monitoring and adapting all health and safety recommendations as currently expressed by Federal, State, and Local authorities. We will be updating our procedures and policies as required for the health of our communities.

As always, our master bed makers, warehouse, and support teams are still on the payroll, ready to provide safe, reliable service.

We've been making beds and mattresses in New York since 1855.
Over that long history, we've been through good times and bad.
And have learned again and again, working together, the American spirit will always prevail.

These days a good nights' sleep is more important than ever and we're here to give you exactly that.

- The Charles P. Rogers Team
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Reviews From Our Customers
887 reviews
Reviews for specific items can also be found on product pages.
I worked with Sean. This was the best customer service ever (and that is not just a mattress company, but any company I have dealt with). Every step in placing the order for the mattress was well done and professional. I cannot wait to have the mattress delivered. I am using their White Glove service. Based on Consumer Reports and their reviews, I believe Charles P. Rogers will deliver a great product and back up exactly what they promised. Dave
Jill,  MI
I have been searching for a good iron bed made in the USA. I have seen many other metal beds made from outside the US and they don't even come close to what is made here. I ordered the "Rutherford" bed and I couldn't be more pleased with my selection. It is very attractive and sturdy. It was also easy to put together. I know that I will be using this bed for many years. It adds the style and grace that I was searching for in my bedroom. The other wonderful thing is that customer service couldn't be better. The gentleman was knowledgeable and thorough when speaking with me on the phone. This is the best iron bed I have ever had the luxury of owning!
Arleta,  CA
I had been looking for an Iron bed with Brass accent for a couple of years. I had seen a few, but hesitated when I read reviews. I wanted both, quality and look, in the same bed. I also needed a design which doesn't have sharp edges as my 72 lbs. dog jumps on my bed to wake me up in the mornings. This bed is exactly what I had been looking for. It arrived in a week well packaged and wrapped nicely. Within two hours, it was all installed and ready for the beddings. The colors are exactly as shown in the pictures. The rustic silver accent designs are perfect complement to the dark color of the bed and the Brass (Gold) designs. It is absolutely a perfect bed. I couldn't have been happier. Once all installed, it is heavy and sturdy so you may consider assembling it right in the spot it needs to go. Thank you for making my shopping experience pleasant!
PaulM,  NY
We were a bit apprehensive in ordering such an expensive bed from an online photo and description, but upon receiving it via FedEx today and assembling it, we are thrilled. It is a gorgeous bed, extremely well built and constructed of high quality materials. The bed happily arrived more quickly than we expected, well protected in its packaging, arrived in perfect condition despite the box being well worn in transit. Even with a bottle of touch up paint (which wasn't needed)! We could not be more satisfied with this purchase or online shopping experience.
Natasha,  WI
We had a task of furnishing tiny guest room where sleigh or curved type head and foot boards would be undesirable as taking extra room in already small space. Locally, I was terrified with overpriced inferior steel tubing "beds". Online, I was overwhelmed with confusing/conflicting reviews either of the product or the merchant. Then somewhere in one of the blogs or discussions by people in similar "searching for the perfection quest" position I was lucky to ran across happy person who was mentioning Charles P. Rogers brass bed. Thus, I have found Charles P. Rogers website by chance and feel lucky to do so. The forged iron beds got my attention as their slim profiles were what I needed to save space in the room, yet quality was of an importance also- I wanted the bed to be passed in generations. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Breton forged iron sturdy, yet airy bed. It is in pristine condition and I hope will become a family's heirloom with time. The craftsmanship is excellent and the customer service is superior. All my questions and concers were quickly addressed and resolved(and I had a lot of questions and concerns as shopping online "item unseen in person" can be hard at times- it was not small item to take a chance upon, after all!) You just don't get this type of customer service anymore and I did not see nothing close to quality in local showrooms(granted, we are far away from major cities.) I would highly recommend Charles P. Rogers to anyone. Hope to be a returning customer soon as second bedroom is being updated!
happy,  CT
great mattress: heavy, firm deep
The Perfect Iron Bed!,  WI
The iron bed I ordered was well worth the wait! I searched multiple stores in person and on line and all were cheap iron beds and were expensive. I found this product to way above in quality for the same price as others that claimed to be iron. This bed looks amazing in my guest room and I'm getting ready to order another for my other guest room :)
R Chase,  GA
I purchased a beautiful durable bed from Charlesprogers in February 2015. I still get compliments on it. My sister recently purchased a new home and wanted to know where I purchased my bed. I recommended your company. Still a satisfied customer all these years later.
Bob M,  IN
Ordered this Mattress because Consumers Reports, outstanding product, my guests could not be happier, extreme quality , the real deal! Bob M
Rachel,  VA
Rather than a review of a particular style of mattress, this review speaks to the steps I went through when buying a mattress online instead of in a store. I found Charles P. Rogers through a Consumer Reports' rating I found online. I used this rating sheet to guide my research, which I did both online and with visits to brick and mortar stores. While I was online at Charles Rogers, the chat box popped up and the customer service rep (Jade Johnson) asked if I had any questions. I usually don't use the chat boxes and rely instead on customer reviews etc but in this case the details she provided about how Consumer Reports makes its decisions for ratings helped me understand the tool I was relying on, which made me feel confident in my decision to purchase a mattress through Charles Rogers. Later that week, I knew I had committed to Charles Rogers but was not sure of the style of the Estate mattress and because Jade had been so informed when answering my questions in the chat box, I called her to finalize my decision. I purchased the mattress over the phone and am happy I used a rep from the showroom floor because I feel like I have a point of contact if needed rather than just a confirmation number once I've checked out online. To sum it up: I recommend using both online tools and the personal touch as a way to feel confident in making your purchase.
Rafi,  FL
A truly firm. sleepable daybed. Purchased the 33" daybed with the Chelsea mattress for our home office. It's great for that afternoon nap, as well as for the occasional overnight house guest. As with any daybed, it doesn't work especially well as a sofa or loveseat replacement --- mainly because it invites napping more than sitting --- but it does serve that purpose in a pinch.
EJRieder,  PA
I had my eye on this bed for a while and I finally bought it a few years ago. I love the lyrical look of this bed - open and organic. It is excellent quality and I had exceptional customer service when I bought it. Highly recommended. I love this bed and I am looking to buy another style soon!
Peter,  CA
I have ordered two of the Madera platform beds, one in queen and one in king, both in tiger mahogany. This is an exceptional bed. The wood is stunning, and the platform panels are upholstered beautifully. Having a truly solid foundation as opposed to wooden slats is something that gives me peace of mind in terms of protecting my mattress, but also adds comfort and function in that my mattress doesn't move around unless I want it to. The bed is also an excellent height for under-bed storage and mattress elevation. I have assembled and disassembled the bed multiple times, and it takes only 10 minutes or so both ways with very few steps, which is remarkable considering how solid and secure it is once put together.
Accellora,  NY
I did a ton of research in getting a new mattress. The craze about foam and bed in a box is very confusing and all of them I had issues with and many reviews I’ve read made me think I’m making a mistake if I bought this. I am fortunate enough to live in NY where there are 2 showrooms for Charles Rogers. I went into one and after speaking with the sales lady she had me try the 9000. It felt good. I went to the 7000 and my back immediately started to hurt. My choice was easy, the 9000 was for me. I told the lady that I need my wife to try it before I buy. No pressure to sell and she made note of that and later in the week my wife went in and loved the store and the mattress. We ended up getting a foundation, cooling encasement and sheet sets. All are fabulous. The white glove delivery was great. It was delivered in the pouring rain and these guys made sure everything was protected without any damage from the rain. Top notch all around. After our first night of sleep things are great and I know this mattress will last us for years to come.
SyrGal6,  NY
After trying various mattresses and stores locally, I checked Consumer Reports. Based on their recommendation and the fact that I had a wonderful experience buying my Rutherford Bed from Charles Rogers in 1997, I felt confident about buying a mattress from them long distance. Although I could not expect the local "three-day" delivery, the short wait for delivery from New Jersey to Central New York was worth it.
Greatnightsleep,  NY
Just heard the commercial on CBS radio which reminded me I am remiss in submitting a review. I am very quick to share my displeasure about a merchant or restaurant etc and my New Year's resolution is to pay it forward when a merchant provides outstanding service. First up - Charles Rogers. Love love love. Products and service. Im fortunate enough to be able to try out the mattresses in person - no clue how you guess otherwise. But that still did not help me because I chose the Powercore Estate 7000. Had it for a month - way too firm. Had to eat crow because my hubby did say get the Powercore Nano. Gave it the old college try - right on up to the almost 30th day. Went to re-test the Powercore Nano and I was sold. Have been sleeping blissfully for 4 months now! GREAT mattress - worth every penny. Also wanted to give a shout out to the delivery guys. I know when I was researching (can there be any less reliable information on any other product on earth than mattresses?) and read lots of complaints about Chas Rogers delivery (to be fair I think these were outside NY). Well in NY they were OUTSTANDING - and believe me that is RARELY the case in NY. Oy could I tell you stories. First time around these guys delivered two mattresses and box springs - one to my mother and one to me. Delivery to second floor of a house - it was a well oiled machine from start to finish including set up of the mattress protector. Same great service when they swapped out my Estate 7000 mattress for the Powercore Nano. I highly recommend these mattresses and this Company! A great little find.
a59cheffy,  AZ
Absolutely a beautiful piece of iron work! Pictures don't do it justice. Really pleased and look forward to sleeping in it for the rest of our lives! Shipped on a timely basis also!
Beautiful wood. Sturdy construction. BUT one caution: we purchased the king size Fairnoble platform bed. With a thick Stearnes and Foster mattress, the bed is much lower than a traditional bed (and hard on the old back). We are buying a "box spring" or "foundation" in order to raise the level of the bed. With a platform bed, we did not expect to have to purchase a foundation too but it is the simplest way to raise the bed. We would much prefer the bed to have longer legs so that the wood would be more visible in holding the bed up rather than an old fashioned ugly box spring. Although the Charles Rogers website says they can make modifications and special orders, we were unable to find anyone there who knew about special orders. We wanted mahogany blocks to hold the bed higher. The wood is truly beautiful.
Allison H,  NY
Highly recommend this super comfortable mattress. At the end of everyday I am so thankful I have such a comfy bed. It is firm but not too firm, and the surface is such that you don't sink in so it is not too hot. There are special coils so that when one person moves you don't feel it which is great for light vs deep sleepers, etc. I just love this bed and will be a lifelong customer. I am also very happy to support a company whose manufacturing is right next door in my home state of New Jersey!
oversixty,  TX
My husband and I purchased the Estate 9000 Luxury Plush King Mattress w/ low profile foundation. We love the feel and comfort of the mattress. My husband has experienced hip pain with other mattresses (we had a Sleep Number for 10 years) and this does not happen with our Charles P. Rogers mattress. There is only one comment I can make which is personal and in no way reflects negatively on the quality and comfort of the mattress: I am small in frame and not particularly strong, so when it is time to re-make the bed with clean sheets I have to get my husband to help lift the mattress corners because it is heavy. I will say that the type of bed (headboard and footboard) can exacerbate this issue, so it is just a combination of these three factors: my small stature, the bed design, and the mattress weight, which make this difficult for me. Again, this does not reflect anything negative towards how much we enjoy sleeping on this mattress. Perhaps a different styled bed would help a lot, but the one I have is new and I like it!
Greg,  OH
We purchased two Powercore Estate 7000 mattresses and began using them in June 2017. We are extremely happy and pleased with the performance of the mattresses 3 months later. Solid but soft enough for comfort. We read about them in CR and because of past experiences with CR we made the purchase. CR again was right and Charles P. Rogers lived up to its ranking. Pleased to write this review for items and companies that deserve it.
Marty,  PA
I bought the Saint Regis pulse latex mattress, queen size, in March 2017. It was exactly what I hoped it would be: firm but not hard, and blessedly cool. After nearly 7 months of use, I can say it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever bought. It also compares very favorably to the Shifman mattress that I slept on many times at my sister's home. Thankfully, the St Regis pulse latex is much more affordable. It is also rated very highly - and was recommended for me by the gentleman who has over 50 years of experience in the mattress industry and refers to himself as the Old Bed Guy.
PickyFella,  PA
When my old mattress wore out, I started doing research, only to find that there is no consensus on what makes a mattress good or bad. The same mattress can be reviewed as wonderful and terrible. Clearly its a very personal decision, so I gave up on reading and I started visiting stores to try them for myself. What I found disappointed me. First, the sticker shock was intense. And second, even the most expensive models i.e. $4000 were not so very comfortable. I suppose the best of the mattress (of those I did not choose) was a Tempur Pedic Breeze. But it had a bit of a smell and I sunk far enough into it that it became claustrophobic. Turning was an ordeal. It also had a dead feel to it i.e. no bounce at all. The Consumers guide liked Rogers but the closest store is 140 miles from my home. I was tempted to buy (unseen) the Estate 5000 but I decided to make the drive in to Manhattan to be sure. Thank heaven I did. The sales lady on E 59 street was professional and non-pushy. It turns out that the 7000 was just right for me and my lady. I'm 6-2 and 230#, she is 5-9 and 135#. And we both instantly knew we'd found the answer. The delivery was made in about two weeks. The subcontractor was professional and considerate, meaning the crew used booties in my house and were very careful. This crew does not take the old bed so I had to make other arrangements. That was a PITA but the only PITA. The new mattress has NO smell at all. None. It is exactly as firm/soft as the floor model. The support is absolutely perfect for us. There is a hint of bounce which I love. It cradles with just enough resistance to be beautifully welcoming. I haven't slept to comfortably in my memory. AND it was half the price of the competition. I'll update this in a year and tell you how it has worn. So far, it's a dream come true.
Greg,  OH
We bought the 7000 for a little more soft but still firm core. We both had issues with lower backs but in the weeks since we started sleeping on the 7000, the discomfort has gone away. We are very happy with our purchase of this mattress and the bed frames we bought at the same time.
Kyle,  PA
The shipping time for this bed was incredible. My parents recommended the brand and I'm glad I found this more modern design. The assembly was super easy. I'm most impressed with the sturdiness and quality of the wood. The only issue I had was a Paypal tracer payment issue before buying the bed.
sarah,  MI
My Charles P. Rogers Boston Bed was delivered today with the optional white glove set up. I couldn't be more pleased with this beautiful bed. And, the delivery service. I have wanted an heirloom iron bed for 60 years. Never too late. We moved into a lake cottage that just said, do it... It is more than just a piece of furniture. It will be handed down to many generations. This is one happy lady.
Rose,  IL
I am very happy with my Estate 5000 mattress. It's very comfortable. Originally I bought the 7000 but exchanged it because it was too soft. If you like a pillow top the 7000 is for you. The 5000 is listed as "extra firm" but it's not. I would call it medium firm. The 5000 is just right for me. Be aware that you will not receive a refund if you exchange for a less expensive mattress. You'll also pay for shipping. Nevertheless, I'm glad I did the exchange.
Goobie,  FL
I have to review this mattress because of how comfortable it is! We had a sealy that was top of the line but 7 years old. I started having pretty signiifcamt pain. We tried a memory foam mattress that comes in a box which was awful. We next went to sleep number and dropped over $3000 and I had the absolute worse pain in my life! After two weeks I needed another solution. I started sleeping on the couch. After 4-5 mattress stores I was defeated. The cost didn't compare to comfort. I really didn't mind spending money on the thing that I spend a third of my day in that affects the rest of my day. My in laws introduced me to consumer reports. We read up on the Charles p rogers company and mattresses. We were thrilled with the reviews and customer service. The one problem was not being able to try it out first. I went with other reviews and figured we couldn't go wrong with the best with softness and comfort. The one thing that wasn't pleasant was the delivery times. Their shippers only leave the warehouse per delivery area once a month and our mattress took maybe a month or more to come in but timing was accurate just felt like it took forever. The mattress is soft and supportive. After two weeks no more pain and no more meds for sleep. It does take time to soften. It was stiff the first couple nights. But that's what all the reviews said so we waited and now it's heaven. Feels like it'll hold up over time too! It's worth the money to buy it on a whim! They need regional stores to help sell their product!
kate,  DC
Everything about this experience was great! The customer service chat line took care of a change in color and made sure the bed was sent asap as I was under a very short time frame, the delivery was perfect, constructing the bed went quite easily..about an hour or less, and the bed is lovely.
california mom,  CA
this bed is so beautiful. solid wood and real white leather. so well made. had to wait a month for it but worth it for sure.
Buckeye,  OH
The bed arrived well packed and in excellent condition. I was a bit concerned about assembling but did not need to be. I am not a particularly handy person but after reading the directions felt I could tackle it. I was able to complete the assembly in about 40 minutes by myself. The bed is solid and very well made. It is replacing a very inexpensive platform bed made of MDF and veneer that did not last a year. It is all wood and of so much better quality than the previous bed there is no comparison. I contacted customer support once by email and once by phone and the staff are very helpful and professional. The company kept me informed from the time the order was placed until delivery. I am very impressed with this company and the products they sell. I woul not hesitate to recommend them.
Buckeye,  OH
The bed arrived well packed and in excellent condition. I was a bit concerned about assembling but did not need to be. I am not a particularly handy person but after reading the directions felt I could tackle it. I was able to complete the assembly in about 40 minutes by myself. The bed is solid and very well made. It is replacing a very inexpensive platform bed made of MDF and veneer that did not last a year. It is all wood and of so much better quality than the previous bed there is no comparison. I contacted customer support once by email and once by phone and the staff are very helpful and professional. The company kept me informed from the time the order was placed until delivery. I am very impressed with this company and the products they sell. I woul not hesitate to recommend them.
Annie,  PA
I had spent months looking for a daybed. I could not find anything I liked. They were all so cheap looking and didn't like any of the styles. Then came across Charles Rogers and found the daybed I had been searching for.. It is so well made
Picky Sleepers,  TX
Several months ago my husband and I started researching king size mattresses and visited the local stores and couldn't find anything we really liked that was firm-extra firm (for his back), had quality construction and was under $4K. So we started looking online for firm mattresses and came across the Consumer Reports reviews and researched the mattresses on the list. We ordered the Powercore Estate 5000. Delivery took a while since it had to be shipped to TX, but the company was very communicative, and the delivery men were great too. I am impressed with the construction of the mattress - much better that what I saw at local stores. Comfort-wise, my husband loved it the first night and continues to rave about it. He is 6' ~195lbs, for reference. I found it a bit too firm the first week but know that it can take a month to adapt to a new mattress. I am 5'2" 105lbs, so my lighter weight may play a factor in comfort. Now 3 weeks later, I love the mattress and sleep great on it. So if you find it a little too firm at first, give it time.
Lee Y.,  NJ
I have bought 3 from Charles P Rogers - I would not consider any other company. simply excellent quality and craftmanship.
LOVE this bedframe—have, in fact, recommended it to several friends, who were looking for not-a-lot of bedframe. Guys who delivered it and put it together (from Charles P. Rogers) were absolutely lovely. They arrived earlier than my scheduled time, and were perfectly happy to wait until that time (which they didn't have to do; they only had to wait till I could get home from work). They could not have been nicer when I got home. As for the bedframe itself, it's lovely. A solid piece of furniture, and all of my friends love it. It IS higher than it looks in the picture, which is not a problem for me . . .it's still lower than a traditional bedframe, and as I'm 5'4", that's absolutely fine. The fact that it doesn't have slats makes it much sturdier, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. A experience all around.
zzzz,  CT
i went to the manhatten store to try the various mattresses offered. sales person was very knowledgeable, helpful and zero pressure. i chose the power core nano 2. delivery was sooner than expected and the delivery was very friendly and professional. The mattress is easily the best i've ever slept on. after a couple of nights of adjusting to it (the difference between my prior mattress and this was dramatic) i've enjoyed really restful sleep ever since. i'm 6'5 240 lb and am a very finicky side and back sleeper, preferring a firm but comfortable bed. The power core nano 2 is perfect and worth ever dollar.
Moneek,  WI
best bed ever, we bought the queen size ... if you're in the market for a platform bed (no box spring), this simply styled, extremely well-built bed will serve you for years to come. We are very pleased with every aspect of our purchase. We are now looking to buy another of the same style in a twin size - a difficult find for a platform bed. Most bed manufacturers start at the full size, but CPR offers some fine choices for the twin size.
happy,  MO
I LOVE this bed. This entire experience has been wonderful...from dealing with the salesperson, Don, to the shipping company, UKAY, to the set up of the bed. There was clear communication, I knew the exact day
Dave,  FL
I think this was worth the price. The bed seem well made and is more attractive in person than in the photos. Time will tell but it seems sturdy enough to last, which is what I was hoping for. The storage drawers work smoothly and add a fair amount of storage. Assembly was easier than I expected. As another mentioned it is easy to over tighten the hardware in the wood so be cognizant not to do so during assembly. The only part of the process that wasn't seamless was the delivery communication. The delivery crew was coming from Miami and was running behind and wound up missing the scheduled window, this happens and I wasn't upset over it but I didn't know they were running late and had a hard time contacting the delivery service to see if delivery needed to be rescheduled. I wound up calling the Charles P. Rogers main office in New York and their customer service got in touch with the right people and passed the word, problem solved.
Jeff,  NY
If you want an ultra comfortable mattress with top level construction and absolutely no toxic outgassing and odor, this is THE mattress to buy. We had some horrible experiences trying brands such as Simmons (horrible odor that didn't dissipate even over a month) and Satva (no odor but really inferior construction, uncomfortable, and they offered me a $400 refund to take down negative reviews). But, eventually we found CP Rogers. Wish that had happened sooner, but so glad that, ultimately, it did. We've been to the showroom and factory in NJ, and there's no chemical odor whatsover on the shop floor. And sleeping on the 9000 is incredible --something to look forward to at the end of the day.
Dan,  NC
This is a very nice, high quality bed frame. I bought the california king model with the tall headboard. The headboard is extremely heavy and feels like very high quality. The bed frame is also super sturdy. I would definitely recommend. The only problem I had was with the directions. I had to go rogue in a couple spots because the pictures showed something that I couldn't do with the hardware I had. I had to go to lowes and spend a whole 82 cents on some nuts, but besides that, great bed frame. You are paying for quality here for sure.
Denise,  VA
The cover fits well and appears to be able to keep the mattress protected.
Craig,  WA
I saw this headboard in Architectural Digest and wanted it. It came and looked as great as it did in the ad!
VetintheWest,  AZ
This is the most comfortable bed I've slept in the 56 years I remember what mattresses feel like. I wake up refreshed. I wake up and _my back doesn't hurt_. I wake up, turn off the alarm, and pull the covers back up because I don't want to get off of the bed because it's that comfortable. Look no further. I also bought the king St. Regis mattress. Same good news story.
brikee,  NY
This bed is exquisite! I've had it for 6 years and finally had an opportunity to leave a review. The craftsmanship is superb. The quality of the bed is really great. I feel like this is a bed I can pass down through my family. The design of the bed is classic and I feel like a movie star on the bed. If you have good taste, then I would highly recommend this bed!
Scott,  PA
This is our second Campaign bed. For 15 years we had the full size (now in our guest room) and now have the queen as well. They're extraordinarily beautiful! The older one looks as new as the new one. A tremendous value for something so lovely.
Scott,  PA
After a conversation with a phone representative, we ordered the memory foam version of this mattress. This turned out to be a mistake for me, as the heat retention of the memory foam kept me from sleeping well, even after 45-60 days.. The underlying mattress was excellent, however. The pulse latex would have been the right choice for us. To be honest, I'd raised this issue of heat retention with the representative and wished that he'd thought to steer us to the pulse latex initially. I knew we could exchange, but I hadn't been told that there would be a $375 charge for the exchange in addition to the price difference. So this was a disappointment. But we now have the pulse latex version and it's marvelous. Both versions are great unless, like me, you are sensitive to the heat retention of the memory foam. We sleep much better with the new mattress. I highly recommend it.
Cabot,  VA
Dealing with Charles Rogers Beds was a delight from start to finish. Placing the order with Don was uncomplicated and easy. The only difficult part of buying a bed from them was which bed to select. They have so many nice iron beds. They kept me informed about my order, so nothing was ever in question. The delivery team from Ukay who set up the bed were polite and efficient. The bed is perfect...we love everything about it. Thank you to everyone involved.
Karen,  CO
I had these beds shipped to Puerto Rico, all shipping done through Charles P Rogers and it was perfect everything went very smoothly. Shipping wasn't cheap, but worth it. They were easy to but together, the beds came super protected and had everything you needed. Even lovely color crayons for future dings I might put on the wood, thanks :) The beds are beautiful my husband and I love them. We got the dark mahogany and the tiger mahogany. We can not say anything negative about these beds. I did not get there mattresses,we already had, but it sounds like these are very good also. Will definitely consider them next time we are looking for mattresses. Tina was so great in preparing and organizing everything. Thank you so much for the great company you work for and the knowledge you have for the products you work for.