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Valued Friends and Customers,

UPDATE 4/1/2021: All of our showrooms are now open! You can find hours and directions here.

You can also live chat on our website or call to ask questions 9am to 9pm seven days a week at 1-800-582-6229..

The Covid-19 situation is still evolving. No matter the change, our first priority will always be the health and well being of our customers, staff, and partners. We are monitoring and adapting all health and safety recommendations as currently expressed by Federal, State, and Local authorities. We will be updating our procedures and policies as required for the health of our communities.

As always, our master bed makers, warehouse, and support teams are still on the payroll, ready to provide safe, reliable service.

We've been making beds and mattresses in New York since 1855.
Over that long history, we've been through good times and bad.
And have learned again and again, working together, the American spirit will always prevail.

These days a good nights' sleep is more important than ever and we're here to give you exactly that.

- The Charles P. Rogers Team
Reviews From Our Customers
936 reviews
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Stuart,  ID
Just buy it!
My Barcelona mahogany bed was delivered today, I was excited when in saw it in the showroom and I am just as excited as when I saw it in my bedroom. The delivery and set up service was very efficient. I am very pleased.
We've had our Estate 5000 mattress for a year now, and it's great. The customer service at the Manhattan showroom is really first rate, and it made all the difference in choosing the right model and being happy with it over time. When we first ordered it they delivered the wrong model by mistake (the 5000 plus, which we found too soft). The company handled it well overall and a new one was sent. When we first got the right one it seemed too hard, and we worried that neither was right and we needed a different model altogether. We went back to the showroom and really considered changing to a different line, but in the end we decided to stick with what we had. And it did break in beautifully and become very comfortable. Now that we've had it for a year it's clear we made the right choice. The only thing we didn't end up liking was the Charles P Rogers mattress protector, which was too crinkly and made noise when we slept. But that was easily replaced. Steven and Sean at the Manhattan showroom both really went out of their way to help us throughout the whole process, and were kind and patient with our worries and indecision. We would highly recommend Charles P Rogers mattresses and the Manhattan showroom.
Brian,  LA
We ordered the Lifetime 9 king size mattress. Came in 2 boxes. Be ready because they are VERY heavy. The FedEx guy tossed it out of his truck at the end of our drive/sidewalk and left it. I was actually home for lunch at the time and saw it as I was leaving. You will need a good 2 wheel dolly to move the mattress and cassettes or flip it end over end. We unboxed it and it was well sealed. As soon as we unrolled it you could tell the mattress was ready to break free from its bindings. When we released it, it began to expand and breathe a sigh of relief. We waited the recommended 72 hours for everything to get fully expanded. After removing the old faithful mattress we lifted this one into place and got some ibuprofen for the muscle aches we knew were coming. Installing the cassettes and zipping the top down were easy. Bed has been very comfortable for us and movement does not seem to transfer across the bed during the night. All materials appear to be good quality and stout assembly. So far, so good.
I purchased 2 platform bed frames recently, these are outstanding platform bed frames, beautiful to look at and made with precision. They are easy to put together, awesome instructions but the pieces are heavy, so if your older like we are, best to have younger people put them together. Charles P Rogers offers that service and I used them, really glad I did. These are the second set of frames we have purchased, last set were were left in HI. Homes are frequently sold with furniture there.
My partner has a lot pain from both back and neck injuries, and needed a mattress that would provide him with much better comfort and support, and ultimately, a good night's rest. I ordered A Charles P. Rogers mattress based on the recommendation from Consumer Reports. After the first night's sleep, my partner was amazed that he slept well and didn't have any pain the next morning! We are very happy with our new mattress!
Best mattress I've ever had! I have an injury to 2 discs in my back, so was looking for a new and more helpful mattress. Steve helped me to figure out the best combination of qualities in a mattress for me. I ended up with an Estate Lifetime 8 mattress that is a wonderful combination of firm and supportive but also softer on the top surface so that your back muscles get wonderful support. even my 23 year-old daughter loves to lie on it! Love it!
Best Bedding
I must say I am very happy with the service I received in the Manhattan Charles P. Roger showroom. I want to thank Sean for his patience and great service. I feel this is the best place to purchase a mattress. You are not pressured to buy anything and any questions you have were answered honestly. The minute I received the mattress which was extra firm, I was very contented. You see, I have back problems and the minute I tried the extra firm mattress I new this was it. This company, Charles P. Rogers aims to help customers. I would recommend friends and family members to purchase your product 100%. If you are out there ready to buy a mattress, visit Charles P. Rogers. Sean, thanks again.
This review is about customer service. There were some problems with the "white glove" service hired to assemble the king size bed. CP Rogers hired a "company" LoadUp to provide the assembly service. LoadUp hires "independent contractors". When confronted with a problem the Loadup independent contractors not only couldn't assemble the bed properly...they damaged it...and drove off without a word. In short LoadUp is a terrible "company" who didn't stand behind their service just passed the buck but took the bucks. But here is where CP Rogers stepped up to the plate. First Customer service rep Jesica listened and understood the problem(s) and brought in her supervisor Sunshine to resolve it. To say Sunshine did that is an understatement. She was dogged and determined to resolve the situation...followed up and shipped the replacement parts and sourced a local (to me in CA...she's in NYC) handyman who did the assembly perfectly. She kept me updated each step of the way. Because of the true customer service provided by CP Rogers (led by Sunshine and her team) everything turned out great. And the bed? It is great!!!!
First, I have had the Rutherford for over 20 years and another handmade mattress from another company. The Estate 5000 firm is perfect! I had first received the Estate Cushion Firm, and it was too soft for me, making it difficult for me to move comfortably. Eugene offered a solution, but that didn't work either. Patiently listening to me, we agreed upon the Estate 5000 firm. I received it yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. I had THE BEST night’s sleep. The firm allows for easy turning in bed, getting out of bed, and support for my spine. It accommodates every sleeping position for me as it has been previously difficult to find the best way to properly align myself. Eugene went above and beyond to accommodate my requests and frequent calls. He was honest, immediately responsive, professional, very pleasant, knowledgeable about your products. Your delivery men are also very helpful, courteous, and made the process very easy. Thank you to Charles P Rogers for continued excellence.
Kathie ,  NE
We just received our Queen Cottage Bed and couldn’t be happier! Starting with Customer Service, which was very helpful and friendly, to the incredibly fast delivery, I am delighted! To make everything even more delightful, the quality of the bed is fabulous! The simple style of the bed is exactly what we wanted. We purchased another iron bed from Charles P Rogers over ten years ago and I loved it… I was worried that the quality wouldn’t be as good, but our new bed is as good and possibly better than thfirst bed. I can’t recommend Charles P Rogers highly enough. I am VERY happy with this purchase!
Sash,  VA
In a nutshell: in my experience, Charles P. Rogers sells beautifully made beds, and high quality mattresses, toppers, and linens. Plus, they deliver amazing customer service. I bought two "gaslight" beds, another sleigh bed, and five mattresses with toppers plus mattress protectors. It was a large, time-sensitive order. Charles P. Rogers delivered unbelievable customer service. I would occasionally text at night, assuming no response until the next day, and they got right back to me. There was a scratch on one of the headboards, and they sent out a service person to our house (at an off-the-beaten-path beach, nonetheless) to assess. He said we needed a new headboard and one arrived a few days later by frieight, and they switched the headboards out at no cost to us. A great buying experience in every respect.
Cathy,  CT
Sean was excellent in helping me choose a mattress for this bed and arranging shipping.
This is our second mattress we have purchased from Charles P Rogers. The unique design of the king size mattress allows for each side to be either firm or soft to meet the needs of 2 sleepers. We had a minor customer service issue, and Sean and Thomas handled the situation quickly and professionally. Our second mattress purchase had to make its way to northern Michigan which had some logistical delivery challenges, but they figured it out with ease. I would highly recommend Charles P Rogers both for the quality and comfort of the mattress as well as customer service.
Sheets are soft and silky as noted in description, don’t make me feel too warm or too cool, no issues with washing or drying. Very pleased with them. Excellent customer service.
Karen,  NJ
We purchased the mattress after having slept on one in a relative’s house. The costumer service was excellent! Erik was knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful!
This is the forth bed & mattress I have purchased from Charles Rogers; 1st Hyde Park, 2nd The Boston, 3rd Solid Brass Sleigh Bed and now the Alexandria Bed. They are beautiful and excellent quality.
Elaine ,  TX
We received our bed ( headboard and footboard May 21st and put it together May 22,. The bed was packaged extremely well. We chose to put it together ourselves. Everything went together well except we did have some trouble getting the footboard together but worked through it. I must mention that we were putting the frame around our sleep number bed without taking the bed apart. I couldn't be more pleased!!! It's gorgeous!! Also I want to mention the wonderful customer service and the help Mary was wonderful!
Everything I Wanted,  CO
I have seen Charles P. Rogers beds advertised in magazines for 30 years, and dreamed about having one some day. Well, this was the year, as I had decided to make over my bedroom and replace my 25 year old bed. The Newfield bed is everything that I hoped it would be. I’m just crazy about it, and so glad that I trusted it to be a beautiful, quality piece of furniture. Plus, the company has staff dedicated to ensuring that every step of the process - from purchase to delivery and set up - goes smoothly.
Happy Customer
High quality, sturdy, clean look, durable platform base with headboard. Great design, easy assembly. Ukay furniture delivery offered a truly white glove service.
LeeG,  FL
Replacing an existing Charles Rogers mattress after 10 years.
Tony,  PA
Great mattress, on a great bed. Very comfortable. The Charles Roger’s service was perfect!!
Penny,  AL
I looked forever to find an iron bed and I’m so thrilled that I found the Rutherford. My husband and I put the bed together and it makes me happy to look at it every time I walk into the bedroom. It’s very well made and will be a family heirloom that gets passed down through the generations. It’s the perfect blend of classic and current and I’m in love with it! Thank you, Charles P. Rogers for being an example of excellence and and quality in every way.
Clearly a well made, high quality mattress providing both more than adequate support and great comfort.
OlderAndWiser,  NC
When my husband and I first married we saw an ad for Charles P. Rogers beds. I sent away for the catalog - back when you wrote someone and they put the paper catalog in the mail - and when it arrived we fell in love with the Rutherford bed. At the time, it seemed like way too much money for us to spend on a bed. We were newly married, newly employed and a bed was such a splurge. Did we really need a bed that would last generations? Couldn't we just get something cheaper and be fine? Did we really need to be that fancy? I worried that my taste would change and I would be 'stuck' with this bed if I had spent too much money on it. We used a succession of various thrift store, garage sale and flea market beds over the years. I was never happy with any of them, and neither was he, but then I figured I'd find a different one, another not-quite-perfect one, soon enough. Recently, a bout of Covid had me trapped in my bedroom for 10 days and my thoughts turned to redecorating, as they do. I ordered new drapes, restyled the bookshelves and even sorted out my shoes. Finally I decided to look at my 'dream bed' again. It is funny how 30 years of marriage will change what's 'too expensive' and 'too much of a splurge' for you. I realized I still loved the bed and frankly, after 30 years I decided we had earned it. I decided to click and ordered the Rutherford. I arrived yesterday late in the day and we've just assembled it (it was easy!) and have it set up. I cried actual tears thinking of newly-married me, wanting this bed but not wanting to 'splurge' on it. I wish I could go back in time to that woman and say "hey, honey, trust your taste and get the bed, you deserve it.'
Happy Repeat Customer,  CA
Charles P Rogers is the only place to buy quality iron and brass beds. I bought one almost 20 years ago and it is still in use today in perfect condition. I bought another this past year and although I had a long wait for delivery, it was worth it. I know from experience this bed will never become rickety and wobbly like many beds of this type. These beds are solid and will last a lifetime and beyond.
Glenn,  NY
I purchased a Campaign Cal King tall Bed 20 years ago and recently upgraded to a Cal King bed. I purchased the same bed frame for this new purchase and despite some delivery delays due to COVID, Nico in customer service was very responsive to my needs and handled things perfectly for me. Working with this company has been a pleasure - you will not be disappointed.
Braddaddy,  CA
Most comfortable mattress we've ever had! Just ordered another for one of our guest rooms as well. Sean, the customer service representative was great to deal with. Very knowledgeable and personable. Took the time to send a video showing the state of the art packaging and shipping processes now used. Look no further than Charles Rogers for a great products and employees. An overall great experience.
I bought my first mattress in NYC in 2017 after spending an entire day going to many mattress stores with a friend. We found the St Regis and delivery in NYC was perfect. My friend loved it. In 2021 I came to NYC and visited the store again and tested the beds again and decided to buy it for myself. I ended up working with Eugene Maida over the phone (KOP store) and he was fantastic, helpful, patient and extremely professional. The mattress arrived and it’s fantastic. Since I’m on the west coast, I was concerned about delivery as we have a 1911 house with 24 steep narrow stairs. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up. The unfurling of the bed was magically cool and was ready to be used quickly. I recommend bypassing the $200 white glove service as they no longer take away your old mattress (Covid explanation) and setup was easy with 2 people.
Ann S.,  NM
Wanted to commend Sean in sales and customer service for his being available on a Sunday, being very knowledgeable and helpful on the phone, and helping me pick out the right mattress for us. Also gave a very clear explanation of the return policy, which is really why I’m ok buying a mattress online. Haven’t gotten the mattress itself yet, but if it’s anything like the service, it will be amazing!
From start to finish, I have been wowed by Chas. P. Rogers excellent customer service, professionalism and partnership in purchasing beds for a vacation house in a remote location. Steven Wilson was my sales rep and a delight to work with, though several calls. I highly recommend Steven and Charles P. Rogers for old fashioned, personalized customer service for a high quality product!
MaryKate,  DC
This is the best mattresses I’ve ever slept: firm and supportive but incredibly comfortable. I just bought a second queen-size for our guest room and I’m planning to buy two twins soon! They also have great customer support if you order by phone or have any questions. Sean was very helpful.
Fire island
Highly recommend Sean who was an amazing help selecting right bedframes and giving personalised advice. Fantastic to find old fashioned made in America beds at last
Sean was awesome. Very knowledgeable and affable. He definitely elevated the Charles P. Rogers name in my mind.
Plum Bed
This product line needs a brass badge to identify the proud manufacturer for posterity. Such a great opportunity to take a bed from cradle to the grave. I am 82 and had envisioned a classy invalid bed to avoid ever bringing another hospital bed into my lovely interior rooms. Charles P Rogers has brought my idea within reach. I purchased a twin daybed version of the brass and iron sleigh bed (two 37" footboards). When I need a higher bed, convenient for caregiver access, I will just turn the bed upside down. Reverse the rails (the mattress is then 24"-28" from the floor). The former feet are now the upright posts. Pop out the endcap slides and insert finials--or use the open tubes to attach a custom siderail. (I bet this wonderful company can customize both.) Not that I'm expecting to flip this lovely bed upside down anytime soon.
jmg *
i purchased the Milan daybed with trundle approx 2 decades ago for my then 5 yr old. still in excellent shape and appearance - used in a office/guest room now. the silver/black finish is exceptional - even better with time. the trundle, although still usable, no longer pops up which is most likely due to exceeding weight limits when 2 adult guests slept in 1 bed. there is a lifetime warranty, but shipping is not included. the daybed then had metal springs rather than panels. when in daily use, i would tighten the screws once or twice a yr. if not using solid color bedding, a non-directional print looks best. i had a colorful 'under the sea' print on white children’s bedding in which there was a dash of black in the print when first purchased the daybed and trundle. currently, i have grey gingham sheet sets, a grey with white pinstripe bedskirt, and a white w a grey border stripe duvet. the Milan daybed and trundle has been an excellent investment.
The product looks very good
Sean was GREAT!!! PHENOMENAL support!! It was a very pleasant experience to have him assist me with my transaction.
Great experience starting from the salesman. Gave us all the info needed and took his time to answer all our questions.
A review should not only contain information about the product, but also sales, financial, shipment and delivery. All aspects of our purchase were impressively professional. Time was taken to quantify your sleeping habits, explain the costs, determine the type of delivery service requested and communicating the the delivery company personnel. All of those features were well done. Our product selection of the Estate 7000 Extra Comfort King is not a pull down item to select. Tonight will be our first night thing out the mattress, but I can't expect any less from it.
As to the products, the Alana and Barcelona platform beds, this is an anticipatory rating based on discussion,pictures, descriptions, and other reviews. I will update my experience with delivery and the product itself down the road. I did want to take a moment to compliment Sean, who I connected with in the morning through the chat function on the site. That lead to a highly professional, confidence inspiring, no pressure call with him. By the end of the day I placed an order for the two beds. The delivery will be a little tricky-- delivery to a vacant home, with a realtor assisting with the delivery and set up, but I have a high degree of confidence that with their regular process and Sean as concierge for the order, everything will work out. Will update down the road.
Arlene,  NY
I have purchased 4 Charles P Rogers beds in the last 3 years, on the recommendation of a good friend. These were all replacing other, old mattress. My 3 year old mattress is still going strong I would never buy any other mattress. 1. They are so comfortable. 2. The staff spends tons of time with you, figuring out your needs, and making sure you get what you need, not necessarily the newest. For instance, my son did better on a different mattress than mine. 3. The white glove installation is great. Professional, helpful, on time, cheerful, and helped me get rid of my prior mattress when my building staff was reluctant. 4. We are not an easy crew, my family. Lower back issues, neck issues, you name it; everyone is on the right mattress because you get information on making that selection. 5. It makes going to sleep a fantastic experience, and waking up even better! I never write reviews. I really mean it.
Martin,  NY
I purchased the Madera platform bed about six years ago and it is a very quality piece of furniture. Solidly built, I have moved apartments once and had to reassemble the bed, which was a piece of cake and it's just as solid as the first time I put it together. The tiger mahogany wood is also very beautiful. There's ample space for many under bed containers, which is nice. I would highly recommend this bed.
My mattress has not yet arrived, but I wanted to express my appreciation for the customer support that I received from Lianna. She spent much time "chatting" with me, and then proceeded to call me on my phone to provide more detailed information as well as the opportunity to have a better conversation. I feel confident that my continued experience with Charles P. Rogers will be very satisfying. Thank you for hiring personable and experienced support people. It makes all the difference in the world to perspective customers. Sincerely, Cinda Rose
Paul W
My experience purchasing an Estate SE mattress and foundation from Charles P. Rogers was a positive one. I went to the East 59th Street showroom and tried out the various well-made mattresses with the informative assistance of the salesman, Sean S. He allowed me to spend time laying on various mattresses without any pressure to make a purchase. I decided on one of the queen-size Estate 5000 Plus mattress with a 5-inch box spring foundation. Unfortunately, after a couple of months of sleeping on it at home I realized that it was not the right one for me (despite spending so much time trying mattresses in the store). With the assistance of the sales representative, Sean S., and the Customer Experience Manager, Thomas B., I exchanged the original mattress for an Estate SE mattress. The whole experience and process of the original purchase and exchange was excellent. The white glove service provided by the delivery men for both deliveries was very good, too. CPR was concerned that I was a happy consumer and fully satisfied with my purchase of their mattress. They honor their 100 Day Comfort Guarantee, in fact it was extended beyond 100 days due to the suspension of sales and deliveries during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC. I recommend Charles P. Rogers for their customer service and a variety of quality mattresses, especially the Estate SE mattress.
Paul W
My experience purchasing an Estate SE mattress and foundation from Charles P. Rogers was a positive one. I went to the East 59th Street showroom and tried out the various well-made mattresses with the informative assistance of the salesman, Sean S. He allowed me to spend time laying on various mattresses without any pressure to make a purchase. I decided on one of the queen-size Estate 5000 Plus mattress with a 5-inch box spring foundation. Unfortunately, after a couple of months of sleeping on it at home I realized that it was not the right one for me (despite spending so much time trying mattresses in the store). With the assistance of the sales representative, Sean S., and the Customer Experience Manager, Thomas B., I exchanged the original mattress for an Estate SE mattress. The whole experience and process of the original purchase and exchange was excellent. The white glove service provided by the delivery men for both deliveries was very good, too. CPR was concerned that I was a happy consumer and fully satisfied with my purchase of their mattress. They honor their 100 Day Comfort Guarantee, in fact it was extended beyond 100 days due to the suspension of sales and deliveries during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC. I recommend Charles P. Rogers for their customer service and a variety of quality mattresses, especially the Estate SE mattress.
Sean was extremely helpful today. We had questions about which mattress to purchase and he did a great job guiding us through their inventory and helping us select the mattress that was best for us. He made sure we got a discount that was offered and expidited the shipping so we would receive our mattress quickly. It was a real pleasure working with Sean today. I would highly recommend Sean when purchasing a mattress from this company. He was polite, well acquainted with their products, and was easy to understand (which isn't always the case when dealing with others over the phone). Since we just purchased the mattress today, I'll have to weigh in later on our satisfaction with the product. However, since the company offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, and many others rated their mattresses 5 stars, I'm sure we're going to be very pleased with this product.
I worked with Sean. This was the best customer service ever (and that is not just a mattress company, but any company I have dealt with). Every step in placing the order for the mattress was well done and professional. I cannot wait to have the mattress delivered. I am using their White Glove service. Based on Consumer Reports and their reviews, I believe Charles P. Rogers will deliver a great product and back up exactly what they promised. Dave
Testing,  NY
I am a manager of Olea Hotel, a highly rated, boutique hotel on hillside property in Glen Ellen, CA, We exclusively use St. Regis mattresses in our hotel because of their high quality and durability over time. On a regular basis guests would rave about the comfort of these mattresses, saying something like, "I've had the best night's sleep on this mattress. What is the name of the manufacturer?" On our side, we share the name of Charles P. Rogers with pride. knowing that our valued guests will love their new bed.