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Jacquard  -  Fabric with an intricately woven pattern. Damask and brocade are both fabrics produced on a jacquard loom.
Japanning  -  A black or red enamel lacquer applied in several layers that creates a glossy finish.
Joinery  -  The art or craft of a joiner used for connecting pieces of wood or iron together. Can be decorative or hidden, but results in some inherent strength of the connection based on the joint. Also refers to work done by a joiner; fine woodwork.
Kiln-dry  -  The process of slow-drying lumber from its green state to prevent warping, cracking and checking to make it suitable for use in furniture building or other indoor woodwork. A kiln is the large chamber in which this process occurs. A variety of wood kilning systems exist including steam, vacuum and dehumidifying processes; all of which serve to remove excess moisture from raw wood. (see "seasonal changes" in glossary)
Lacquer  -  A multi-layered varnish that can be polished to a desired sheen and has a durable, hard surface.
Leveler  -  Adjustable component on the foot of a bed or bed frame that can compensate for an uneven floor and thus level the bed.
Lost wax casting  -  The lost wax casting process, sometimes known by the French name of cire perdue, is an ancient practice that is still used for highly detailed objects and artwork today and utilizes wax in the molding process. Many of our castings are formed using this process.
Low profile foundation  -  A thin version of a box spring that offsets very thick mattresses when in a bed frame. Prevents bedding from being too high or appearing out of proportion with the bed.
Luminocity  -  Glow produced by reflecting light. Describes a surface which attractively reflects light as opposed to an opaque surface which flattens and absorbs light and appears dull.

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