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Mahogany  -  Mahogany is a generally straight grain wood and is usually free of voids and pockets. It has a reddish brown color which darkens over time, and displays a beautiful sheen when polished. It has excellent workability, and is very durable. These properties make it a favorable wood for boat making as well as for making furniture, musical instruments, and other durable objects.
Makore  -  A rare and high quality hardwood used for furniture, cabinet work, joinery and decorative veneers. We use highly figured Makore veneers in our products and American Cherry for the matching solids.
Marquetry  -  Intricate close-fitting inlays of wood, ivory, mother-of-pearl or metal as a surface decoration. Often executed as a veneer.
Mattress and box spring  -  A mattress is a thick mat or pad on which to sleep or lie. Generally made from foam, latex or inner springs and an upholstered cover. Traditionally placed atop a box spring or deck on a bed frame. A box spring consist of a rigid frame which contains extra-heavy-duty springs.
Mattress Sizes  -  Daybed 33 x 75"/Twin 39 x 75"/Full 54 x 75"/Queen 60 x 80"/King 76 x 80"/California King 72 x 84"
Metal  -  An alloy or mixture composed wholly or partly of such substances such as brass, iron nickel, zinc or steel.
Metal lathe  -  A machine for use in working metal, steel, brass etc., that holds the material and rotates it about a horizontal axis against a tool that shapes it.
Micro fiber  -  Fabric made from extremely thin synthetic fibers. It is appreciated for its soft hand, durability, stain resistance and ease of cleaning.
Micro suede  -  A variety of micro fiber fabric that displays a distinct nap that makes it look and feel like suede leather.
Mid-century modern  -  A design style that emerged in the mid 20th century that is characterized by clean simple lines, be they geometric or organic. The movement embraced modern technology and the space age, but without kitsch. It smoothed the edges of modernism to make a democratic, livable style.
Milling  -  The operation of cutting, shaping, finishing, or working products or components into manufactured items.
Mitered  -  Method of joining wood at an angle to form a corner. Generally, a miter is made at a 45 degree angle but can be done at other angles.
Mold  -  A hollow form for giving a particular shape to a material in a molten state. Upon cooling the mold is removed allowing the material to retain the desired shape. Mold making materials vary; sand, wax, plastics, aluminum and other metals are all mediums used to make molds depending on need and quality requirements.
Molten  -  Metals such as brass, steel or aluminum when heated to a liquid state. Used in the casting process to pour into molds until cooled and solidified into the desired form.
Mortise-and-Tenon  -  A method of joining two pieces of wood where the projecting tenon of one piece fits into the opening (mortise) of the other. Also known as hot dogs and doughnuts.
Nail head trim  -  The decorative use of a line of tacks at fabric / leather attachment points on upholstered goods. Often of solid brass or chromed steel. (see tacks)
Natural brass finish  -  Our natural brass finish is accomplished by cleaning and lightly polishing brass to remove any tiny imperfections and sealing with a low sheen lacquer.
Nonwoven  -  A class of polyester fabrics produced by the bonding or interlocking of fibers, or both. The non woven fabric is made by mechanical, chemical, thermal, or solvent means, or with an adhesive, or any combination of these, as distinct from weaving, knitting, or tufting.
Open footboard  -  A bed without a foot board or a low foot board instead of the more traditional matching headboard/footboard. Excellent style of bed for smaller spaces or when a less encompassing feeling is desired.
Oval top  -  Finial style which is oval from the top view rather than spherical or other design.

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