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Saddle stitched  -  A decorative form of sewing a leather cover. Used more for ornamentation on furniture. It is not required for a good seam closure.
Sand casting  -  Sand casting is the process of production of objects by pouring molten material in to a cavity formed from sand, called a mold, which is the negative of the object, and allowing it to cool and solidify. A casting process used on most of our castings to insure precise detail and authenticity.
Sanding  -  Using an abrasive to smooth the surface of a material for finishing. Proper sanding runs through a series of different grade of abrasive; each grade used to remove the tiny scratches left by the last until only a mirror smooth surface remain. Machines are utilized in some operations but careful hand sanding insures crisp profiles and preservation of details. Hand blocks are used to maintain dead flat surfaces.
Scrollwork  -  The art of bending, forging or shaping either solid or tubular material into curves, circles and arcs.
Seasonal changes  -  As a living material, all wood naturally fluctuates in moisture content dependent on temperature and humidity. Overheating, over drying or any other extremes in temperature or humidity can have a negative affect even on the finest wood furniture. Swelling, cracking or crazing or other imperfections can be minimized by avoiding large fluctuations in the home environment. When properly kiln dried, constructed and finished, wood movement can then be limited to a minor cosmetic changes without structural damage.
Semi-aniline leather  -  Aniline dyed leather with a layer of matching pigment added to improve color consistency and add protection. Can be difficult to care for due to its ease of scratching and staining.
Settee  -  Chaise lounge or other transitional seating upon which you can recline or sit.
Shams  -  Decorative pillow cases which usually come in standard, Euro or other sizes. (see "pillows" in glossary for sizes)
Sheen  -  Level of shine and reflective properties associated with a finished surface.
Sheets  -  Fabric constructions used specifically to serve as sleeping surface on a mattress. Usually consists of set which includes fitted bottom sheet and flat top sheet. Maybe be made of linen, cotton or synthetic materials.
Silver leaf  -  The application of leaves of paper-thin sheets of silver to create a rich, opulent surface. Also referred to as gilding. We use genuine sheets of sterling silver for our silver leafing which we carefully glaze for a delicate authentic surface. Most production silver or gold gilding is a layer of paint or imitation metals.
Skirt  -  Fabric construction running along the lower perimeter of a bed designed to hide the legs and keep dust from accumulating under bed. Also referred to as a dust ruffle.
Sleigh bed  -  A classic bed style that resembles the shape of a horse-drawn sleigh with scroll-shaped headboard and footboard. The headboard is slightly higher than the footboard. Modern sleighs often have only a headboard and an open or low footboard.
Spindles  -  Decorative turnings of various sizes found on a variety of bed designs.
Split foundation  -  A box spring that is divided into two components and designed to be used in pair under a single mattress. Common for king size mattresses, split foundations may also be available for queen mattresses.
Split leather  -  The lower layers of a hide that are removed to create a uniform thickness on a top grain hide. These lower layers are also processed and treated with a protective polyurethane sealant for use in upholstery. Generally considered low quality.
Split Queen Boxspring Rails  -  Since box springs are less flexible than mattresses, split queen box springs are utilized to allow a larger bed to be moved up small stairwells or through narrow halls. Our Split queen box spring rails utilize a full length king size center support to insure a split box spring has proper support. Applicable on our iron or brass beds as our wood beds already offer head to toe support.
Stain  -  Pigment that penetrates the surface of wood, as opposed to sitting on the surface, used to alter the color of the wood. After staining, the wood surface is usually protected with a finish of oil, wax, lacquer, or shellac.
Stainless steel  -  Stainless steel is defined as an iron-carbon alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. The name originates from the fact that stainless steel does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as ordinary steel.
Steel  -  Any of various modified forms of iron having a carbon content less than that of pig iron and more than that of wrought iron, and having qualities of hardness, elasticity, and strength varying according to composition and heat treatment: generally categorized as having a high, medium, or low-carbon content.
Substrate  -  Base material for the application of veneers. Can be solid wood, plywood or manufactured wood. (MDF) Many of the finest veneers are brittle or prone to cracking due to the complex grain structure and are only usable with a substrate.
Swatch  -  Small piece of fabric, leather, wood or other material which shows color, texture or weight.
Tacks  -  Tacks are fasteners used to attach upholstery to frames in various patterns along edges and seams. They may have simple or decorative heads which can be made of a variety of metals including higher quality brass heads. Lower quality production furniture tends to utilize strip tack, a series of tacks in a plastic strip, which require less labor and skill than traditionally individually applied single tacks.
Thread count  -  Thread count refers to the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, in a one-inch square of fabric. While fabrics are available with thread counts up to 1000+, anything in excess of 400-450 is considered by most to be simply extraneous. Thread count is affected by a number of factors, including ply and thickness of the threads used. The ply of the fabric refers to how many threads are wrapped together into a single thread. Single-ply fabrics use threads on their own, while two-ply fabrics twist two pieces together into a stronger thread, as well as doubling the thread count of the fabric.
Tiger Mahogany  -  Our finishing method which accentuates the natural grain and depth found in Mahogany by using alternating layers of glazing and clear coats to accentuate the multitude of orange, red and brown hues. A bold and vivid finish.
Top grain leather  -  Leather with the outermost layers of the hide left on. Used in high quality leather goods. Often shows natural characteristics such as small scars, marks or variety of grain pattern due to cell structure.
Top spring  -  Steel system of interlocking wires used to support a mattress. Framed around the perimeter with thick gauge angle iron.
Topstitching  -  A single or double row of stitching close to the seam or edge on the outer side of the fabric.
Transitional  -  A furniture style in which design elements are toned down so that the piece may fit with a traditional or more contemporary decor.
Transitional beds  -  Style of beds which contain design elements that are both traditional and contemporary allowing use in a variety of interior decor motifs.
Trundle bed  -  Generally, a twin size 39" or daybed sized 33" bed frame which allow another mattress to be stored underneath it. A trundle bed ordinarily has a traditional height headboard and a lower footboard; whereas a daybed generally has two ends of the same height. May be wood or metal in construction.
Trundle unit  -  A pullout bed on casters or wheels which is stored under a trundle bed or daybed. Modern trundle units pop-up for ease of use.
Tufting  -  The process of drawing a cord through a deep cushion giving high puffs of padding and small low valleys where the cord is drawn. Names are given to tufting describing the shape of the tuft such as "diamond," "biscuit," or "square." Buttons are often attached to cords to highlight the tufting design.
Tumbling  -  A process in which tanned hides are placed in drums with heat and water and tumbled to a desired softness. Also call "milling".
Turnings  -  Finials, spools, posts and feet are created by spinning and shaping either wood or metal on a lathe to create a patterned design. Can be done by hand or automatic machine. Hand turning in wood usually results in highly detailed, finer work.
Twin and Full extra long beds  -  A standard 39" (twin) or 53" (full) wide mattress that is 80" long instead of the standard 75" in length.
Upholstery  -  The process and objects created by covering an underlying wood or metal structure with padding and a cover.

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