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Veneer  -  A surface overlay of a thin sheet of wood. While often having a negative connotation, veneer is a historically important and necessary technique. Many times wood with the most beautiful grain pattern must be used as veneer to insure workability and stability due to the fracturous nature of complex grain structures. The underlying material may be solid wood, or a composite wood product.
Veneer panel  -  A laminated construction method used for large panels esp. when curved or bent. Appropriate manufacture provides resistance to changes in moisture and humidity which would damage or be impossible in solid wood. It also provides a suitable method for using rare and beautiful veneers which would otherwise be too unstable for use as a solid wood construction. A stable substrate is used and the veneer is applied to both front and back for a balanced, stable panel and is laminated in a hot or cold press until the glue is dry and the panel is the desired shape.
Waterfall  -  A visual effect created when wood is joined so that the grain transitions into a second plane.
Weave  -  To interlace (threads, yarns, strips, fibrous material, etc.) so as to form a fabric or material. The manner in which cloth is woven both in terms of tightness and in terms of texture.
Welt  -  Fabric-covered cord used as a trim in the seams of upholstery or toss pillows. Also known as cording or piping. May be of the same or contrasting color or material.
Wing  -  Either of two forward extensions of the sides of the back of an easy chair or bed. Originally design to prevent drafts and hold the heat when chairs were placed near a fireplace.
Wingback chair  -  A high-backed, upholstered easy chair with panels or wings projecting forward from the sides of the back and curving downward to meet the roll arms.
Wood platform  -  Any variety of wood surfaces which serve to support a mattress.
Wrought iron  -  Wrought iron refers to both a type of metal and a process of formation. More traditionally, wrought iron is a variety of iron, with additives that make it twistable with a low corrosion rate.
Wrought iron finish  -  Our exclusive wrought iron finish is the result of seven hand applied layers. The finish is luminous and deep and imparts a patina and richness usually reserved for antique iron. Easy to repair, the finish is both durable and attractive.

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