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The art of mattress making taking comfortable sleep to a whole new level.
Our Estate Lifetime mattress is the only luxury mattress designed to be the only one you’ll ever need. The cover quilt and comfort cassette systems are removable and replaceable. The Talalay latex and nano coil comfort cassettes are not only heavenly plush and luxurious, but provide consistent comfort years longer than other materials. And with a Powercore3™ spring unit that's guaranteed against breakage for as long as you own it, you can enjoy proper support and a luxurious sleep experience all night, every night.

Plush comfort for
all of your life

The Lifetime series is designed to last. Built from the bottom up with durability in mind every step of the way, with replaceable parts that ensure
you never have to shop for a mattress again.

Luxury tailored
just for you

The Lifetime mattresses have a revolutionary cassette system - the top comfort layers are flippable and replaceable. Flipping the cassette
makes the surface comfort firmer or softer, and a King size has two separate cassettes for couples that like different feels. If your comfort preference changes the cassette is fully replaceable.

Traditional comfort with
high tech advantages

Certain Lifetime models add 1000s of hi-tech nano coils for an airy, feather like plushness. Unlike synthetic “soft” foams, the latex/nano coil option disperses air, rather than retaining
No harmful glues
or solvents
Oeko-Tex® 100
certified textiles
Made in USA
in our own factory
Your comfort is our #1 priority
(and has been since 1855)
We're with you, even after your mattress is delivered.

If you’re not comfortable you can exchange it for a different model of the same size or return it for a refund. Simply contact us within 100 days of delivery and we will gladly make it right (see details in "information").

Thereafter the 5/15-year pro-rated warranty against wear and Powercore lifetime guarantee against breakage ensure years of worry-free comfort.
100 Day In-Home
Comfort Trial
Warranty PLUS Lifetime
Component Replacement
Lifetime Guarantee
Against Breakage
Top reasons why people love our Estate Lifetime mattress:

Renewable, sustainable luxury
built to last as long as you own it

Owning an estate lifetime mattress is an investment in luxury that you can feel good about. Designed to pamper you it's also the wise choice for the modern consumer.

Soft, plush comfort that doesn't
sacrifice proper support

Light, airy plushness that constantly supports you yet responds instantly to changes in pressure and sleeping position makes you look forward to resting at night and feeling great when you wake.

Free Delivery with
Safety-Sealed Packaging

Sale prices include Free Shipping to most U.S. addresses. NEW Safety-Sealed packaging is hermetically machine sealed at our factory.
Need help choosing....
Give us a call at 1-800-582-6229.
We're experts and here to help!

Over 7 generations of satisfied customers:

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5 rate Anne,

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