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How our Beds are made

Decorative castings are cast by hand using sand molds.

Hand-forged iron scrollwork and joinery.

Wood beds are handmade from select hardwoods.

All of our leather beds are handcrafted using the finest top grain leather.

Our bed linens use the finest materials, European linen and Egyptian and Prima cotton.

Headboards are made to fit standard bed frames. Complete Beds include head, foot and rails.

Optional pop up trundle for daybeds and trundle beds holds a second mattress that pulls out and pops up when needed.

  Our Mattresses
As the manufacturer with seven generations of experience crafting mattresses, every Rogers mattress is built with care and focus. From the newest innovations in comfort padding to the basic understanding of spring design, Rogers can make your night more than a little better with our top rated line of mattresses for every sleep style and budget. (click here to find out more)

Brass Beds and Finishes
Our brass beds are made by hand, one at a time, using pure, heavy gaugeGauge - Measurements which refer to the thickness of metal in tube or sheet form - varies by composition and material.

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brass tubingBrass tubing - Hollow, pure brass tubes available in various gauges and diameters used for making our beds. Can be bent to create arcs and curves. Should not be confused with inferior imitations such as pot metal, painted tubing or tubing covered with a thin layer of pure brass which will wear through with use.

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and solid brass castingsBrass castings - Molten brass which has solidified after molding to desired decorative shape or design. Substantially heavier than cheaper casting materials.

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. Solid metal to metal connections are made internally, creating an extremely rigid framework. Decorative parts are individually cast by hand in the traditional manner. Carved wood patternsPattern - A model or form, usually of hand carved wood or metal, used for giving the shape of the interior of a mold. Also refers to a decorative design, as for wallpaper or textile fabrics.

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are used to make sand moldsMold - A hollow form for giving a particular shape to a material in a molten state. Upon cooling the mold is removed allowing the material to retain the desired shape. Mold making materials vary; sand, wax, plastics, aluminum and other metals are all mediums used to make molds depending on need and quality requirements.

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into which moltenMolten - Metals such as brass, steel or aluminum when heated to a liquid state. Used in the casting process to pour into molds until cooled and solidified into the desired form.

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brass is poured. Castings are then hand finished in matched sets prior to assembly. Our antique brass finishAntique brass finish - Our brass finishes are a conversion process which naturally alters and antiques the surface of the brass, imparting a depth and character not achievable through any other method such as paint or other surface coatings.

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is created through a natural process. Superior to applied coatings our antique brass requires minimal care and will continue to mellow with age, acquiring the rich patinaPatina - Wear and oxidation that occur to a finish (metal or wood) as it ages. Very sought after effect as patina gives surface a deep, rich luster.

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for which brass is renown. Our brass beds are very substantial, weighing three to five times more than modern reproductions. Each of our brass beds has a hidden, internal steel structure that mates with oversized steel bed rails. The rail system, which supports the mattress and boxspring, is individually made for each model and carefully designed for a lifetime of service.

Cast Iron Beds, Forged Iron Beds and Hand Painted Finishes
Decorative parts for iron beds are solid metal castingsCastings - Simple or decorative components produced by the process of pouring molten metals such as brass or iron into molds. Generally joins framework members and plays a definitive role in strength and overall decorative design.

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or forged in ironIron - Iron is a lustrous, silvery soft metal. It is ductile, malleable and durable and used in its carbon-containing forms for making furniture and other goods. Forms of iron vary according to compositions and process of making. Forms include pig iron, wrought iron, cast iron, carbon steel and other alloys.

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. Forging is the oldest metal working skill known to man. In forgingForging - The art and process of heating iron to high temperatures for working by hammering, bending or shaping while in a malleable state. Techniques of craft used by blacksmiths.

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, metal is heated and hammered to shape by hand. It is used to shape, join or decorate the surface of metal. Iron components for our beds exhibit a beauty and surface superior to mass produced beds. Castings for our iron beds are made in the same manner as our brass parts. Hand-carved wood patterns, are used to make sand molds into which molten metal is poured. The castings are made directly onto the frameworkFramework - Refers to the basic structure of a bed such as posts, uprights or cross members. May be decorative or plain depending on area and style.

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then finished by hand. Though more costly and time consuming than modern methods, you can see the difference by eye. Details are precise and fully formed. Our painted finishes are applied by hand in multiple layers of glazeGlazing - Process of artfully applying shading, color or tone to accentuate natural aspects of a given material.

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for a luminosityLuminocity - Glow produced by reflecting light. Describes a surface which attractively reflects light as opposed to an opaque surface which flattens and absorbs light and appears dull.

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and an overall effect that cannot be duplicated by any other process. A clear top coat is then applied to protect the finish from daily wear and tear. Unlike baked on plastic and powder coated finishesPowder coated finishes - Powder coating is a type of dry, hard finish, which is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin." Powder coated finishes do not acquire a patina and tend to be flat and one dimensional in appearance but suitable if not a decorative part.

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, our finishes have an authentic, soft, natural patina and are repairable should they ever become damaged. The rail system, which supports the mattress and boxspring, is individually made for each model and carefully designed for a lifetime of service. They are welded for strength and rigidity, ensuring proper support of the headboard, footboard and mattress set.

Wood Beds
Our wood beds are hand crafted of plantation grown mahoganyMahogany - Mahogany is a generally straight grain wood and is usually free of voids and pockets. It has a reddish brown color which darkens over time, and displays a beautiful sheen when polished. It has excellent workability, and is very durable. These properties make it a favorable wood for boat making as well as for making furniture, musical instruments, and other durable objects.

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and select hardwoods. Components are fashioned from oversize lumber stock which we cut and kiln dryKiln-dry - The process of slow-drying lumber from its green state to prevent warping, cracking and checking to make it suitable for use in furniture building or other indoor woodwork. A kiln is the large chamber in which this process occurs. A variety of wood kilning systems exist including steam, vacuum and dehumidifying processes; all of which serve to remove excess moisture from raw wood. (see "seasonal changes" in glossary)

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ourselves. Great care goes into the selection of our veneersVeneer - A surface overlay of a thin sheet of wood. While often having a negative connotation, veneer is a historically important and necessary technique. Many times wood with the most beautiful grain pattern must be used as veneer to insure workability and stability due to the fracturous nature of complex grain structures. The underlying material may be solid wood, or a composite wood product.

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, many of which are rare specimens, literally one in one thousand examples of unusual tree growth. Veneers are carefully sliced and matched for grainGrain - Variations in color and texture made by the size and arrangements of cells and pores of a living tree and revealed when wood is cut through the trunk in an horizontal direction. Also a term used to describe cells in leather hides and amount of adjustment applied during the tanning process.

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and color. While power tools are used for millingMilling - The operation of cutting, shaping, finishing, or working products or components into manufactured items.

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and cutting, every component is finished by craftsmen using sharp hand tools. Decorative turningsTurnings - Finials, spools, posts and feet are created by spinning and shaping either wood or metal on a lathe to create a patterned design. Can be done by hand or automatic machine. Hand turning in wood usually results in highly detailed, finer work.

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are also shaped by hand rather than mass produced on automatic lathesAutomatic lathes - Machine tool which use automatically controlled tooling to turn finials, posts and other decorative items following a pattern. Usually are generalized in nature and not as attractive as hand turned objects.

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. They exhibit precise transitions and subtle variations in shape. Traditional methods of joineryJoinery - The art or craft of a joiner used for connecting pieces of wood or iron together. Can be decorative or hidden, but results in some inherent strength of the connection based on the joint. Also refers to work done by a joiner; fine woodwork.

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and fastening allow for the natural movement of wood with seasonal changesSeasonal changes - As a living material, all wood naturally fluctuates in moisture content dependent on temperature and humidity. Overheating, over drying or any other extremes in temperature or humidity can have a negative affect even on the finest wood furniture. Swelling, cracking or crazing or other imperfections can be minimized by avoiding large fluctuations in the home environment. When properly kiln dried, constructed and finished, wood movement can then be limited to a minor cosmetic changes without structural damage.

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in temperature and humidity. Surfaces are meticulously hand sandedSanding - Using an abrasive to smooth the surface of a material for finishing. Proper sanding runs through a series of different grade of abrasive; each grade used to remove the tiny scratches left by the last until only a mirror smooth surface remain. Machines are utilized in some operations but careful hand sanding insures crisp profiles and preservation of details. Hand blocks are used to maintain dead flat surfaces.

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at every step in the finishing process. Finishes are applied by hand in multiple layers, after which, the final coat is hand rubbed to a soft sheenSheen - Level of shine and reflective properties associated with a finished surface.

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. Integral to this process is glazing which adds realistic, subtle signs of age. Our bed rails are made from substantial, solid wood planksPlanks - Large, wide and thick pieces of solid wood.

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and feature a concealed, solid steel inner rail that provides exceptional perimeter and center support for the mattress and boxspring/foundation.

Leather & Upholstered Beds
Our leather beds are handcrafted using the finest top grain leatherTop grain leather - Leather with the outermost layers of the hide left on. Used in high quality leather goods. Often shows natural characteristics such as small scars, marks or variety of grain pattern due to cell structure.

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which has been carefully selected for quality, grain and color. We use only top quality upholstery grade fabric for our linen and micro suede upholstered beds. The framework for each bed is handcrafted from kiln dried hardwoodHardwoods - Wood from a deciduous tree. Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany and Oak are examples of hardwoods frequently used in high end furniture construction and cabinetry.

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. Upholstery is built up in multiple layers to provide an appropriate level of firmness and comfort with special attention given to maintaining the shape and contour of the final form. High resilience foamHigh resilience padding - Foam of specified weight & density that responds to pressure with the same recover time over a long period of use. We use specific foam densities in different areas of construction based on providing comfort, for maintaining shape and durability with repeated use.

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is a feature exclusive to many of our beds. The advantage is that it conforms to the required shape yet returns to its full, original contour when the pressure is removed. The comfort is unmatched with the added benefit of retaining its full, upholstered form without sagging or wrinkling. Great care is taken in the actual upholsteringUpholstery - The process and objects created by covering an underlying wood or metal structure with padding and a cover.

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process to ensure a high quality fit. TuftingTufting - The process of drawing a cord through a deep cushion giving high puffs of padding and small low valleys where the cord is drawn. Names are given to tufting describing the shape of the tuft such as "diamond," "biscuit," or "square." Buttons are often attached to cords to highlight the tufting design.

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is done by hand in the traditional manner. The bed rails are either upholstered over a solid hardwood frame or solid planks of plantation grown mahogany and feature a concealed, solid steel inner rail that provides superior perimeter and center support for the mattress and boxspring/foundation.

Linen and Cotton Bedding
Our bed linens are wovenWeave - To interlace (threads, yarns, strips, fibrous material, etc.) so as to form a fabric or material. The manner in which cloth is woven both in terms of tightness and in terms of texture.

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exclusively for us from premium quality yarns - European linenEuropean linen - Linen is a material made from the fibers of the flax plant. It has been used for table coverings, bed coverings and clothing for centuries. The exclusivity of linen stems from the fact that it is difficult and time consuming to produce (flax in itself requires a great deal of attention in its growth). Flax is difficult to weave because of its lack of elasticity, and therefore is more expensive to manufacture than cotton. The benefits of linen however, are unmatched and Europe has long produced the most respected quality linen. Due to the parallel arrangement of its fibers, linen is a stronger, sturdier fabric than cotton. In addition, linen is highly absorbent (perfect for dish towels and napkins). Due to its insulating qualities, linen coverings provide cooling benefits. The subtle combination of firmness and softness of linen make this fabric a favorite. Linen can be machine-washed (and grows softer with time and use) and then ironed while still damp with a hot iron. Linen products tend to outlast cotton, enduring up to 20 years of use.

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, EgyptianEgyptian cotton - The term Egyptian cotton is usually applied to the extra long staple cotton produced in Egypt and favored for the luxury and upmarket brands worldwide.

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and Prima cotton. Colors are dyed and patterns are woven, not printed. High thread counts make our fabrics soft and comfortable yet very substantial and long wearing. Dimensions are generous with oversized flat sheets and extra deep pockets on fitted sheets. Details and finishing are executed to the highest standards. We are confident you will find our linens to be a delight to live with and enjoy them for many years to come.

Daybeds and Trundle Beds
Our DaybedsDaybed - A narrow (33") or twin-sized (39") bed used as sofa-like seating with the bed frame consisting of a headboard and footboard, generally of the same height. Our daybeds allow a secondary mattress to be stored underneath daybed with a trundle unit. Originally, a term applied to extended chairs i.e. a chaise lounge.

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and Trundle BedsTrundle bed - Generally, a twin size 39" or daybed sized 33" bed frame which allow another mattress to be stored underneath it. A trundle bed ordinarily has a traditional height headboard and a lower footboard; whereas a daybed generally has two ends of the same height. May be wood or metal in construction.

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offer the quality and craftsmanship of our beds with added versatility. Rather than using a boxspring, they utilize and all steel topspring or steel rails with an upholstered platform for proper mattress support. This allows an optional pop-up trundle unitTrundle unit - A pullout bed on casters or wheels which is stored under a trundle bed or daybed. Modern trundle units pop-up for ease of use.

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to store a second mattress underneath the daybed. When needed, the trundle pulls out and pops up for use as a second bed.

Bed Frames and Mattress Sizes
Complete beds include headboardHeadboard - Panel or various style of structure situated at the head of a bed frame which joins to the foot board with side rails. Sometimes used alone and connected to a standard bed frame or may attach directly to the wall to allow easy height adjustment.

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, footboardFootboard - Panel or structure situated at the foot of a bed frame onto which side rails are fastened to join with the headboard.

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and rail systemRail system - Side rails, hardware and center supports necessary to assemble a bed and support the mattress and box springs.

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with built in center supports for queen and king sizes. Headboards fit standard bed frames. Our bed linens have been designed to fit U.S. size bedding, pillowsPillows - Fiber, foam or feather filled cushion available in a variety of shapes and styles.Typical pillow sizes are: Standard- 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) / King- 20" x 36" (51 x 92 cm) / European Square- 26" x 26" (66 x 66 cm) Decorative Pillows: Boudoir-12" x 16" (30 x 41 cm) / Throw pillow/ Breakfast Square-18" x 18" (46 x 46 cm) / Neckroll Pillow-6" x 13" (15 x 33 cm)

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and down products. Approximate dimensions for standard mattresses and boxsprings are listed below. Please call for information on non-standard bedding, waterbeds, etc.
  • - Daybed 33 x 75"
  • - Twin 39 x 75"
  • - Full 54 x 75"
  • - Queen 60 x 80"
  • - King 76 x 80"
  • - California King 72 x 84" (see custom services below).

Custom Order Services
As a small company who manufactures and sells our own products we are able to accommodate a wide range of special needs on a timely basis and at reasonable rates. Our sales staff is knowledgeable and well qualified to discuss your requirements. Examples of some of the more common services we provide are listed below:
  • - Modifications for extra thick & jumbo mattress sets
  • - California KingCalifornia king - A mattress size that measures 74"w x 86"l. This style of mattress was first popularized on the West coast of the United States but its use has spread. The additional size comes in the length creating a rectangular shape rather than the square shape of a standard king (Eastern King)

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    size beds (72” x 84“)
  • - Twin and Full extra long bedsTwin and Full extra long beds - A standard 39" (twin) or 53" (full) wide mattress that is 80" long instead of the standard 75" in length.

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    (80” long)
  • - Alternate finish colors
  • - Alternate woods and veneers
  • - Split Queen Boxspring RailsSplit Queen Boxspring Rails - Since box springs are less flexible than mattresses, split queen box springs are utilized to allow a larger bed to be moved up small stairwells or through narrow halls. Our Split queen box spring rails utilize a full length king size center support to insure a split box spring has proper support. Applicable on our iron or brass beds as our wood beds already offer head to toe support.

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  • - Polished brass finishesPolished brass finish - A bright, high gloss finish using lacquer and polishing compounds. Difficult to perfect, polishing true brass is a unique art which requires skill and patience. Impossible to imitate by paint or other less intensive processes.

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  • - Custom daybeds and Trundle Beds
  • - Water bed frames
  • - Beds with and without canopy's
  • - Adaptation to adjustable (electric) beds
  • - Higher or lower bed rails

* Please call 1-800-561-0467 for more information.

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