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UPDATE 4/1/2021: All of our showrooms are now open! You can find hours and directions here.

You can also live chat on our website or call to ask questions 9am to 9pm seven days a week at 1-800-582-6229..

The Covid-19 situation is still evolving. No matter the change, our first priority will always be the health and well being of our customers, staff, and partners. We are monitoring and adapting all health and safety recommendations as currently expressed by Federal, State, and Local authorities. We will be updating our procedures and policies as required for the health of our communities.

As always, our master bed makers, warehouse, and support teams are still on the payroll, ready to provide safe, reliable service.

We've been making beds and mattresses in New York since 1855.
Over that long history, we've been through good times and bad.
And have learned again and again, working together, the American spirit will always prevail.

These days a good nights' sleep is more important than ever and we're here to give you exactly that.

- The Charles P. Rogers Team

Your New Mattress

Getting comfortable

It's totally normal to be uncomfortable at first on your new mattress. Many of us adopt poor posture on our old mattresses. The Powercore spring unit in our mattresses are designed to keep your body in alignment and provide long lasting comfort. The Powercore is also exclusive to Charles P. Rogers, so you've never felt anything like it before.
It's akin to breaking in new shoes- you get used to the mattress, as the mattress comforms to your unique shape.
That's why we have the required 30 day adjustment period, because many customers report their initial discomfort goes away after the first 30 nights.

Comfort Guarantees

We at Charles P. Rogers are committed to ensuring your utmost comfort. We are delighted to offer our 100 Day Comfort Trial, designed to give you the peace of mind to adjust the comfort, exchange your mattress for another model of the same size, or return it for a refund, if you’re not completely satisfied.
This offer applies to our St. Regis Latex, St. Regis Memory Foam, Biltmore, Estate Classic Firm, Estate 5000 Cushion Firm, Estate 5000 Plush, Estate SE, Estate SE-GL, Estate SE Luxe, Lifetime 8, Lifetime 9, and Lifetime 10 models.
A) To benefit from the 100 Day Comfort Trial, we ask that you try your mattress for at least 30 days from the date of receipt. Our mattresses, with their Powercore spring units, are engineered to maintain your body’s natural alignment and deliver enduring comfort. If, after 30 days, you find that you are not completely satisfied, you are welcome to adjust the comfort, exchange the mattress for another model, or return it for a refund.
B) Please ensure that you unbox the mattress within 14 days of receiving it.
C) Please note that the guarantee is restricted to one return or exchange of mattress per household.
D) Returns made under the comfort exchange policy will incur a $199 recycling fee. Refunds will be processed only after we have received the returned mattress in a clean and undamaged state.
E) Please be aware that the fees for our white glove delivery and setup service are non-refundable for all purchases.
F) The 100 Day Comfort Trial is not applicable to clearance and floor sample models.
Revision Note: This revision to the Lifetime mattress policy is only applicable to sales made on or after September 15, 2023.

Tips on adjusting

  • Give it some time - make sure to sleep on it every night. Even consider reading and watching TV from bed to spend extra time.
  • Brand new materials often soften slightly, like a nice pair of shoes it will comform itself to your body shape. The more time you spend on the mattress, the faster this will happen.
  • Make sure your mattress has proper support with either a platform bed or new foundation
  • Rotate your mattress head to foot often to ensure it breaks in evenly.

Still Not Comfy?

If you are past the 30 Day Adjustment period, and within the 100 Day Comfort Trial, you may return or exchange your mattress.