Your New Mattress

Getting comfortable

It's totally normal to be uncomfortable at first on your new mattress. Many of us adopt poor posture on our old mattresses. The Powercore spring unit in our mattresses are designed to keep your body in alignment and provide long lasting comfort. The Powercore is also exclusive to Charles P. Rogers, so you’ve never felt anything like it before.
It's akin to breaking in new shoes- you get used to the mattress, as the mattress comforms to your unique shape.
That's why we have the required 30 day adjustment period, because many customers report their initial discomfort goes away after the first 30 nights.

100 Day Comfort Exchange

Your comfort is Charles P. Rogers’ top priority. Our 100 Day Comfort Trial lets you exchange your mattress for a different model of the same size, or return it for a refund.
A) The 100 Day Comfort Trial requires you to try your mattress for 30 days from the receipt of the mattress. The Powercore spring units in our mattresses are designed to keep your body in natural alignment and provide long lasting comfort. As a result, it may require some time for your body to adapt to the proper support, a similar process to breaking in a new pair of shoes. If you are still not satisfied after 30 days, you may return it for a refund.
B) You must unbox the mattress within 14 days of receipt.
C) Guarantee is limited to one return mattress or exchange per household, per year.
D) Returns that fall under the comfort exchange policy are subject to a $199 recycling fee. Refunds are issued AFTER the mattress is received in clean and undamaged condition.
E) If you own a Lifetime mattress, Rogers will help you fine tune or replace the comfort cassette (or cassettes), rather than exchanging the entire mattress. If fine tuning the cassette is not satisfactory, you may return for a refund.
F) White glove delivery and setup service fees are non refundable on all purchases. Orders c anceled in-transit are subject to a 20% shipping fee.

Tips on adjusting

  • Give it some time - make sure to sleep on it every night. Even consider reading and watching TV from bed to spend extra time.
  • Brand new materials often soften slightly, like a nice pair of shoes it will comform itself to your body shape. The more time you spend on the mattress, the faster this will happen.
  • Make sure your mattress has proper support with either a platform bed or new foundation
  • Rotate your mattress head to foot often to ensure it breaks in evenly.

Still Not Comfy?

If you are past the 30 Day Adjustment period, and within the 100 Day Comfort Trial, you may return or exchange your mattress.

Comfort for a Lifetime

Rogers Lifetime mattresses are designed to never need replacement, including comfort exchanges. Our revolutionary comfort cassette system allows you to personalize and find tune the surface comfort of your mattress.
  • If, after your first night, your Lifetime mattress feels too firm, unzip the top cover and flip the cassette to the blue side.
  • If, after your first night, your Lifetime mattress feels too soft, unzip the top cover and flip the cassette so the blue side is on the bottom.
  • Still not comfortabe? Lifetime mattresses include a cassette comfort exchange, in addition to our normal comfort exchange policy. If you're not comfortable after 30 days, we will recommend replacing the cassette first.