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Handcrafted Canopy Beds | Charles P. Rogers® Est. 1855

Elegant and dramatic, a canopy bed instantly brings an air of romance to your bedroom. Our exclusive canopy bed designs are made individually with traditional bed making techniques. We use hand forged,forging iron, solid, poured on frame castings and pure brassto make our canopies the most attractive, sturdy and refined canopy beds available today. All decorative elements and the overall height on each bed are properly proportioned for attractiveness rather than simply adding a canopy to an existing bed style. Our canopy beds, whether in iron, brass or a combination of both are built with the Charles P. Rogers commitment to exacting detail, straightforward assembly and a beautiful finish for a lifetime of your enjoyment and service.

Canopy Bed Styles On Sale:

Handcrafted Wrought Iron Canopy Beds
Our hand forged,forging canopy beds are made from solid iron bar heated and after pulling hot from the fire, hammered into decorative designs. All castings are unique to our extensive archive and are cast directly on the frame for strength and a precisely detailed surface. Finishes are put on in by hand in multiple layers for a soft and warm glow unamatched by simple paint. Canopies fasten together securely and all of our canopy beds have our solid steel inner frame system to provide years of durability and support.

Handcrafted Brass Canopy Beds
Nothing makes such a dramatic statement as a brass canopy bed. Brass canopy beds made by Charles P. Rogers are built entirely from pure, thick-walled brass tubing made in the U.S. or imported from Germany or Japan. We have developed many proprietary methods for assembling and fastening brass canopy beds over our history giving our beds a sturdiness second to none. Our brass castings are made by pouring molten brass into sand molds made from hand carved wood patterns. They have a beautifully detailed surface and finish. All canopy beds are hand assembled and carefully polished. Our brass finishes actually convert the surface of the brass rather than just a thin, applied coat. A full solid steel perimeter frame insures that your brass canopy bed will provide you proper support and service over the lifetime of the bed.

Handcrafted Canopy Beds with Open Foot
A great modern lifestyle option on many of our brass and iron canopy beds is the low or open foot board. These more open canopy beds provide the same sophisticated traditional and contemporary styles, yet allow a more open feeling to the bed especially if put in a smaller room.

Handcrafted Contemporary Canopy Beds
Along with our open foot options, many of our iron canopy beds are updated classic styles, proportioned for modern mattress sizes in clean spare designs. Contemporary canopy beds tend to utilize less castings and ornamental details but are stylized to have maximum visual impact based on proportion,proportion and balance. As with all our canopy beds, the inner steel frame system provides comfort, support and strength.

Wood Canopy Beds
We will be offering a new collection of wood canopy beds in the near future (Summer 2011) crafted in solid Mahogany. Turned post and contemporary wood canopy beds will be offered. 

Canopy Bed Linens
Our 400 thread count sheets sets and duvet covers & shams are the perfect solution to dressing your Charles P. Rogers canopy bed. Our bedding ensembles are specially priced packages that are an easy solution that give you a complete look whether you like solid colors, stripes, embroidered or floral patterns. We offer both 100% cotton bedding and 100% European bedding that is machine washable and extremely durable and soft.

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