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Open Foot Wood Platform Bed | Charles P. Rogers® Est. 1855

The wooden platform bed (with or without a footboard) plays a vital role in shaping contemporary bedroom design. As the main focus of the room, a platform bed must be functional yet still set a sophisticated tone. Charles P. Rogers and Company offers an original collection of beautiful wooden platform beds, both with and without a footboard.

We produce all of our beds to the highest standards of design and construction. We insure that traditional methods of joinery and fastening allow for the natural movement of wood with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, all of our wooden platform beds are engineered with an integrated structure to provide a rigid base and include a sturdy wood foundation to properly support the mattress. Hand-crafted of solid cherry or mahogany, the components are fashioned from oversize lumber stock which we select, cut and kiln dry ourselves.

Our wooden beds are manufactured with the same care and techniques as our famous brass and iron beds. All upholstery is designed for comfort, style and durability. Every platform bed is precisely fit and finished with our 150 years of bed-making experience. Our proprietary wood finishes are applied by hand in multiple layers and the final coats are rubbed to a soft sheen.

When Charles P. Rogers founded our company in 1855, little did he know that his company would be as long-lived as the beds he made. Today we celebrate over 150 years of business in New York City with an ever-expanding selection of models and styles, including classics from our early days, contemporary designs from the entire 20th century and even premium linens and bedding.

The platform beds you see on our web site are different from those on other sites and in catalogs or stores. Each is an original, exclusive design, conceived by our in-house design team, hand-made in our own factories and available by you, our customer, for direct purchase. We use authentic materials and processes in their construction and pay particular attention to proportion and detail in order to retain the integrity of classic designs while accommodating contemporary mattress sizes such as Queen, King and California King.

All of our products are made to the same high standards and offer quality and value that becomes ever more apparent over a lifetime of ownership. Our range of prices is representative of differences in materials and complexity of construction, but, because of our "factory-direct" business model, all bed prices represent substantial discounts over what you would pay for comparable quality in traditional specialty stores and retail chains.

By necessity we have remained a small company as our products cannot be mass-produced, without sacrificing quality.  The advantage for you is that our staff understands and cares how our products are made and they know the best way to get them to your home efficiently and economically.

Since our inception, we have manufactured and sold our products directly to the public from our Manhattan factory showroom or by mail or phone in our catalog. Our warehouse in New Jersey is also open to the public. Right now, a large selection of our most popular styles are in stock and available at substantial savings from made to order prices.

To purchase a piece of heirloom quality furniture from Charles P. Rogers, simply place an item into your online shopping cart, order by telephone or stop by one of our factory showrooms in NY or NJ. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible and to adding you to our ever-growing list of delighted customers.


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