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To build our Cherry Sleigh Beds, we combine the best elements of design with the highest quality of traditional craftsmanship. Drawing on the best influences in international design, each bed is carefully proportioned for today’s modern mattress sets yet retains its charm and elemental form. Our experts select and kiln dry the finest American Cherry and process it for optimum grain structure and strength.

Seasoned furniture-makers use time tested techniques to craft beds that allow natural movement with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity insuring a lifetime of enjoyment and use. Unlike many other companies' products, our beds also feature solid cherry side rails We use authentic joinery and finish every bed with our exclusive multi-layered finish to maximize both the beauty and durability of the bed in your home.

The models you see on our web site are different from those on other web sites and in catalogs or stores. Each is an original, exclusive design, made in our own factories and sold directly by us to you. We use authentic materials and processes in their construction and pay particular attention to proportion and detail in order to retain the integrity of the original design while accommodating contemporary bedding sizes.

All of our wood and metal beds and furniture are made to the same high standards and offer quality and value that becomes ever more apparent over a lifetime of ownership. Our range of prices is representative of differences in materials and construction complexity, but all pricing represents a substantial discount over traditional retail outlets, where prices are inflated for each level in the distribution chain. By buying factory-direct, you are getting high quality hand-made furniture at a price competitive with mass-produced items of lesser quality.

By necessity we remain a small company as our products cannot be mass-produced. The advantage for you is that our staff understands and cares how our products are made and we know the best way to get them to your home economically and efficiently.

Since our inception, we have manufactured and sold our products directly to the public from our Manhattan factory showroom or by mail or phone in our catalog. Our warehouse in New Jersey is also open to the public. Right now, a large selection of our most popular styles are in stock and available at substantial savings from made-to-order prices. Simply order online, by telephone or by visiting one of our showrooms. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible.


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