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UPDATE 4/1/2021: All of our showrooms are now open! You can find hours and directions here.

You can also live chat on our website or call to ask questions 9am to 9pm seven days a week at 1-800-582-6229..

The Covid-19 situation is still evolving. No matter the change, our first priority will always be the health and well being of our customers, staff, and partners. We are monitoring and adapting all health and safety recommendations as currently expressed by Federal, State, and Local authorities. We will be updating our procedures and policies as required for the health of our communities.

As always, our master bed makers, warehouse, and support teams are still on the payroll, ready to provide safe, reliable service.

We've been making beds and mattresses in New York since 1855.
Over that long history, we've been through good times and bad.
And have learned again and again, working together, the American spirit will always prevail.

These days a good nights' sleep is more important than ever and we're here to give you exactly that.

- The Charles P. Rogers Team

Platform Bed - Contemporary Designs | Charles P. Rogers® Est. 1855

Our range of beautiful contemporary platform bed styles features value and quality unsurpassed by any mass retailer. Available in solid wood, metal and upholstery, they all reflect our dedication to thoughtful design and careful proportioning.

Our wooden platform beds are sturdily constructed, matched for color, grain and quality by our experts. Our artisans hand finish each bed highlighting the natural character and depth of the wood. Beds made from steel are built with the same skill and attention to detail as our more traditional metal beds, precisely fit and finished, including our exclusive multi-step, hand-painted finish. Upholstered beds have substantial frames, proper padding for comfort; and are finished with distinctive fabrics or supple top grain leathers. All of our contemporary platform bed designs include an integral frame and solid wood platform for proper overall mattress support.

When Charles P. Rogers founded the business in 1855, he could hardly have imagined that the company itself would be as long-lived as the beds he made. To this day, original Charles P. Rogers beds are still seen in high-end estate sales and antique shops around the world. Meanwhile we celebrate over 150 years of business in Manhattan with an ever-expanding selection of models and styles, including classic styles from the 19th and early 20th centuries, modern designs from the 20th and 21st centuries and even premium linens that enhance the comfort and elegance of any bed in our collection.

The products you see on our web site, in our catalogs and in our factory showrooms differ from found anywhere else. Each is an exclusive original design, designed in house and made by expert craftsmen in our own factories. We offer these items to you, our customer, directly from our factory. Do not be fooled by inferior imitations. We use authentic materials and time-tested processes in the construction and pay particular attention to proportion and detail in order to retain the integrity of classic designs while accommodating modern mattress and linen sizes.

All of our products are made to the same high standards and offer quality and value that becomes ever more apparent over a lifetime of ownership. Our range of prices is representative of differences in material costs and construction complexity, but, because of our factory-direct pricing, all prices represent significant discounts over what you would pay for comparable quality in traditional stores.

By necessity we remain a small company as our products cannot be mass-produced. The advantage for you is that our staff understands and cares how our products are made and they know the best way to get them to your home securely, efficiently, and economically.

Since our inception, we have manufactured and sold our products directly to the public from our Manhattan factory showroom or by mail or phone in our catalog. Our warehouse in Florida is also open to the public. Right now, a large selection of our most popular styles are in stock and available at substantial savings from made to order prices.

To order a piece of Charles P. Rogers heirloom quality furniture, simply place an item in your online shopping cart, call us at (800)582-6229 or visit one of our factory showrooms located in downtown Manhattan, NJ, PA, and FL. We are committed to answering any questions and resolving any issues that may arise during the buying process and in ownership. We look forward to adding you to our growing list of delighted customers.

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